SJRC Newsletter: Term 2 Week 10 - 5th July 2024

Term 2 Wrap-up


As this term concludes, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the dedication and commitment to learning shown by staff, students, and their families over the past semester. Today, we held our Year 7-10 Semester One Awards; the number of awards presented today demonstrates that students have established routines and consistency around their classroom learning and study habits.  Congratulations to all students for their efforts so far. Students who received an award are acknowledged in Mr Lutton's Assistant Principal- Learning and Teaching article.


This week, we celebrated NAIDOC week with a number of activities and a respectful and informative assembly. We welcomed local Indigenous identities; Aunty Rhonda Radley, Uncle Jamie Donovan, and Uncle Adrian Daley were interviewed by Year 11 students Esther Cummins and Mia McCullough, and I thank our guests for sharing their thoughts and reflections. A special mention of thanks on a job well done to all the students who presented and offered Prayers, especially Ashton Daley and Ella Jasmine Gardner who led the assembly so ably.  

I also wish to congratulate the Year 7-12 Dance and Drama students who presented a wonderful performance for families and friends at the Dance & Drama Open Night held here at the College on Thursday evening. The evening showcased our students' talent, hard work and dedication; their enjoyment of these practical subjects was clear. Special thanks to the Leader of Creative Arts and Dance teacher, Mrs Jennifer Grien and Leader of Student Wellbeing, Flinders and Drama teacher, Mrs Fiona Jenson, for their excellent preparation of the Dance and Drama students.

Street Retreat

During Week 9, I had the pleasure, along with Emily Burg, our College Youth Minister, and four Year 11 students, Jamieson Walsh, Christie Preston, Lilly Fraser, and Gideon Marr-Grogan, of participating in an incredible experience known as Street Retreat held in Brisbane. The four-day event offered students a unique opportunity to engage with various ministries dedicated to supporting people experiencing homelessness, individuals with disabilities, and numerous charities and initiatives aimed at making the world a better place.

Our students attended different programs throughout the retreat, learning extensively and contributing meaningfully to these causes. They described the experience as life-changing, returning with hearts on fire to do good and a renewed commitment to serving our local community.

We are incredibly proud of Jamieson, Christie, Lilly, and Gideon for their dedication and enthusiasm. Their participation in Street Retreat not only enriched their lives but also strengthened their resolve to make a positive impact in our community.

Notice of Catch-up Immunisation Clinic for Year 7-10 Students

A catch-up immunisation clinic will be held at the College on Thursday, 1st August 2024, for students in Years 7-10. This clinic aims to ensure that all students are up-to-date with their required vaccinations.

Families of students in Years 7-10 who need to catch up on missed immunisations have been notified through the Compass App.

Term 3 Reminders

Staff Professional Development Day: Monday 22nd July - Pupil Free Day

Students return: Tuesday 23rd July

Athletics Carnival - Tuesday 23rd July
This is a compulsory school day.
Students are encouraged to wear their House colours on this day and are permitted to wear them to and from the College.

Wednesday, 24th July is our first day of timetabled classes for Term 3.

I wish all our students and their families a safe winter break. I look forward to seeing our students return refreshed for Term 3.

Mrs Tanya Daley

Principal's Message

Year 7-10 Awards Ceremony

Today, we celebrate and acknowledge excellence in students' academic achievements from Years 7-10. Congratulations to all students for their efforts so far this year. Occasions such as today allow students to reflect on their personal academic goals, and I would encourage all students to set new goals for Semester Two. As a College community, we will continue to set goals that challenge our students, both academically and interpersonally, to achieve their personal best and to reflect on how they are able to serve others.

I would like to thank the staff involved for their organisation and for ensuring the Year 7-10 Semester One Awards Ceremony was a huge success. While I understand that not all families are able to attend College events, I would like to acknowledge and thank the many parents who were able to attend the ceremonies. It was certainly lovely to have your presence at our College.

Outstanding Application and Achievement (Gold)

To receive an Outstanding Application and Achievement Award, students in their respective years must have received:

Six or more Excellence and Application Awards in Years 7, 8
Five or more Excellence and Application Awards in Years 9, 10

Congratulations to the Outstanding Achievement Award recipients:

Laya Maria Abraham
Lilliana Anderson
Akir Baird-Philp
Sheridan Barker
Jasmine Bi
Aaron Joseph Biju
Hollie Black
Lainey Campbell
Leyna Casey
Ava Cole
Emily Cook
Maya Curtis
Armani Daley
Jayda Deeks
Abbey Delforce
Glynnie Mae Domingo
Alyssa Eggins
Alexandra Ellis
Addison English
Isabelle Familar
Sydney Forsyth
Cassandra Hill
Tallowa Hill
Teleah Holbert
Georgina Keogh
Elijah Koivu
Matilda Kos
Ruby Lambert
Keira Le Bailly
Erin Little
Tahlia McIlveen
Siya Modi
Myfanwy Rawlings
Riley Robinson
Zoe Swan
Jaina Thakrani
Ardiena Willott
Caylana Willott
Sophie Kahler
Oliver Koivu
Airlia Matthews
Louisa Smith

Outstanding Application

To receive an Outstanding Application Award, students in their respective years must have received:

Eight or more Application Awards in Years 7, 8
Seven or more Application Awards in Years 9, 10

Congratulations to the Outstanding Application Award recipients:

Olive Andersen
Jewel Anosh
Sienna Austin
Olivia Austin
Laura Balderston
Blaze Banyer
Lacey-Rose Barnes
Edvin Benny
Sophie Bentley
Wilson Bloomfield
Hayden Burnes
Helayna Butler
Eva Caller
Zoe Cooke
Sophie Cooper
Willa Corless-Brown
Eva Costigan
Luke Davies
Brooke Delany
Tahnee Dimon
Lachlan Ding
Nate Downing
Ashleigh Dring
Jack Duff
Samuel Duff
Peyton Dunkley
Blake Elliott
Miller Farrington
Cordelia Fazzolari
Lucinda Giurissevich
Amelia Goodridge
Anika Grogan
Mahli Gulyas
Macey Hales
Bryce Handley
Oliver Hanks
Amaya Hayden
Zali Heagney
Marlee Hearne
Anastasia Heffernan
Anabelle Hicks
Brayden Hill
Hayley Honeysett
Paige Hudson
Amelia Hunt
Joann Jamu
Hayley Jess
Ciana Jones
William Keena
Annabelle Knox
Madeline Letchford
Zoey Lovett
Lucas Lynch
Summer Macey
Tayla Mackey
Charlee Maher
Joel Marchment
Sophie Marchment
Maya Marshall
Clayton McCarthy
Peyton McCrostie
Tilly McDonald
Liam McDonnell
Leila McDonnell
Brinkley McHugh
Henry McInherney-Nash
Ruby Mitchell
Isabelle Moane
Lucee Monck
Osharna Monk
Imogen Mulligan
Thomas Newman
McKenzie Newton
Ava Nowlan
Ruby Paynting
Maeve Pepper
Cooper Preston
Jake Purcell
Emmalee Purnell
Sophie Pynaert
Sreeparvathy Rajesh
Bregje Rawlings
Harley Rayment
Ruby Redman
Mia Rixon
Evan Rowe
Isabella Russell
Anabel Shijo
Charlotte Skellern
Emerson Slade
Róisín Sonneville
Aislinn Suveesh
Haidyn Taylor
Shanay Taylor
Laila Thorburn
Summer Tilston
Janisa Vinod
Haylee Vos
Pippa Wade
Araminta Walker
Oscar Wardle
Lailah Watson
Tora Wehlow
Phoebe White
Airlie Wilson
Angelique Zeeman
Gabriella Zeeman
Charlotte Ducker
Bronte Gawith
Alicia Smith
Tahlia Van Den Boom

Community Service Awards

Awarded to students who have achieved 10 or more hours of Community Service work. Congratulations to the following recipients of a Community Service award.
Peyton Berry
Matilda Coleman
Charlotte Ducker
Bronte Gawith
Sophie Kahler
Alli Kirkman
Oliver Koivu
Airlia Matthews
Louisa Smith
Alicia Smith
Tahlia Van Den Boom

Year 11 Awards Ceremony Wednesday

The Year 11 Awards Ceremony will be held in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) on Wednesday, 31st July, from 9:05 to 10:00 a.m. This is due to a large number of Year 11 students who will have work placement during Week 10 and cannot attend the awards ceremony. The reports will also be published at a later date to align with the ceremony in Week 2 of Term 3.

A Compass alert has been sent to notify families that their child will be receiving an academic or Community Service Award. Parents and family members are encouraged to attend as a way of celebrating the achievements of their child/relative throughout Semester One

Year 7-11 Semester One Academic Reports

  • Year 7-10 Semester One Reports are now live and are accessible via the Compass App.
  • Year 11 Semester One Reports will be issued on Wednesday, 31st July

Reports provide valuable insight into how your child has progressed throughout the first half of the academic year. The Semester One reports will contain three discrete pieces of information:

  • Common Grade Scale - an A-E reporting scale.
  • The academic profile - Knowledge, Skills, and Understanding: provide numerous course-specific outcomes your child will have been working towards achieving throughout the course.  
  • Learning behaviours - Commitment to Learning (CTL’s) relate to a student’s work habits within each subject; these descriptors are common across all subjects studied.

 Year 10 into 11 Transition Program

At the start of next term, there will be Parent and Student Information sessions to help guide our students to enable a successful transition into Stage 6. Students have been given their SJRC Year 11 2025 enrolment handbooks this week and will receive their Newman Senior Technical College handbook in Week 10. There are two important information evenings early next term

  • St Joseph’s Regional College Year 11 2025 Information evening Monday 29th July 6:00pm College Hall
  • Newman Senior Technical College Year 11 2024 Information evening Tuesday 30th July, Newman College.


Awards Curriculum Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching


NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920′s which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

At St Joseph's Regional College, we have celebrated by offering a number of activities for students to participate in, including a raffle to raise money for The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, a Basketball shootout for the prized NAIDOC Week Cup, a special assembly, an out-of-uniform day, and lunchtime activities in the Library.

On Wednesday, we welcomed families and special guests Aunty Rhonda Radley, Uncle Jamie Donovan and Uncle Adrian Daley to our NAIDOC Week assembly. A huge thank you to the following students who so ably led the assembly: 

Assembly Leaders: Ashton Daley and Ella Jasmine Gardner

Candle Lighters: Layla Ahoy and Blake Herbert 

Prayer Readers: Keira Donovan, Harlie Flemming, Jaxson Clay, Ella Herbert, Emmalee Purnell, Esther Cummins and Mia McCullough

Workshop Presenters: Armani Daley and Fletcher Taylor

Guest Interviewers: Esther Cummins and Mia McCullough




Congratulations to the winners of our NAIDOX Week raffle. Jo Williams, Blaze Banyer, Christie Preston and Jett Burgess. All monies raised will go towards The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), a national charity working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote Communities across Australia. The foundation is community-led, responding to requests from remote communities for culturally relevant books, including early learning board books, resources, and programs to support communities in creating and publishing their stories in languages of their choice.

You can assist in making books and resources available to all communities by making a donation at:

Naidoc_Assembly_030724_105_.jpgPlease note: The image does not depict all the actual winners, as not all were available at the time of the draw.

Happening in our local area!Naidoc_Week_calendar.png


Vinnies Schools SleepOUT

A major fundraiser for the St Vincent de Paul Society is the Winter Sleepout.

Last year, St Agnes' Secondary Schools raised $3000.00 to support people sleeping rough during winter.

What is a Vinnies School Sleepout?
A Vinnies School Sleepout allows students and school communities to participate in an experiential event.
Participants construct their own bedding and shelters out of cardboard, a cup of soup, and bread for dinner. They will brave the cold for one night while learning about some of the harsh realities faced by those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

It encourages students to understand homelessness more deeply while raising funds and awareness for Vinnies Homeless Services and Programs in the local area.

This year, the Vinnies winter sleepout takes place on:

Friday, the 2nd of August,
at Mackillop College Senior Campus.

Arrive at 6:00 pm and Depart 7:30 am

Participants will need to be dropped off and picked up by their parents or guardians.

If you are interested in participating in the Vinnes SleepOUT, click on the link below to register.

Vinnies Winter SleepOUT



St Agnes' Church Gospel Reflections 

Fr Paul Gooley is continuing to provide Gospel readings and reflections via email and online Monday to Saturday for those interested in connecting with their faith in this way.

Click to watch Fr Paul's Gospel Readings and Reflections.

St Agnes' Parish News Bulletin

The Parish news bulletin is produced weekly. In this week's bulletin:

  • Congratulations to Sr Anne
  • Gospel Reflections
  • Planned Giving Envelopes
  • Family Groups
  • Pilgrimage with Edward Sri

The latest edition is available via this link Parish News Bulletin

Mr Matthew Bushe
Assistant Principal- Mission
Assistant Principal - Mission Administration News

Successful Transitions Careers Information Night

Successful_Transitions1.JPGLast night's annual 'Successful Transitions' Careers Information Night was an extremely informative and valuable event for our current Year 12 students and their parents/carers. Mrs Tinsey covered a range of topics around post-HSC life including university applications, offers and acceptances, financial considerations, GAP year thoughts, and more. Mr Lutton spoke about the ATAR calculation, and Mrs Croft emphasised the importance of every student maximising their opportunities between now and the fast-approaching end-of-year 12 events and celebrations.
Thank you to those students and parents who braved the cold to experience the opportunity to make informed decisions about the future.

The University of Newcastle, Australia, Schools Visit Day

Students in Year 12 attended The University of Newcastle, Australia, Schools Visit Day on 4th July for a day of immersion, information gathering and knowledge building. Thank you to Alex McEwen from The University of Newcastle for his wonderful organisation of the day. Our Year 12 students were outstanding ambassadors for our College. Well done, Year 12. #lifereadygraduates
Leaders of Future Pathways
Mrs Leanne Tinsey & Mrs Karren Bale


Sami Bayly is a hugely successful author and illustrator, with her books taking pride of place in our College Library! In 2024, Sami's illustrations were used to promote the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge, and her suite of beautifully illustrated books has received numerous nominations for illustration and more. As a graduate of The University of Newcastle, Australia, and the recipient of a scholarship dedicated to celebrating the scientific illustrators The Scott Sisters via the Australian Museum, Sami has risen through the ranks of Australian authors and illustrators to find herself as a well-known and highly respected young creator. Keep an eye out for Sami's sixth book to be released later this year. Well done Sami - we love seeing your work and wondering what magic you will create next! And we appreciate how willing you are to return to St Joseph's Regional College to mentor and workshop with our current students.



Mrs Leanne Tinsey
Careers Pathway

Weekly Lunch Specials
Term 2 Week 1 Lunch Specials 
Monday Pupil Free Day
Tuesday Athletics Carnival - Canteen is open but NO hot food
Wednesday Beef Lasagne
Thursday Fried Rice & Honey Soy Chicken Wings (GF)
Friday Bacon & Cheese Burger
Term 2 Week 2 Lunch Specials 
Monday Beef Nachos (GF)
Tuesday Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry (GF)
Wednesday Hamburgers
Thursday Spaghetti Bolognese
Friday Chicken Pesto Toasted Turkish Sandwich

The Canteen opens at 8.00 am every school day.

CLICK HERE for the Canteen's everyday menu.

Breeanna Stone
Food Services Manager


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Administration News

Got Ya Back Productions will be presenting The Little Mermaid Jr in the July school holidays!

All of our performers are aged 13 - 18 years of age. We are very proud that there are some students from St Joseph's Regional College in the production.

Summer Tilston (Sebastian), Anneque Moad (Flounder) Sophie Kahler (Mersister) Zoe Cooke (pilot), Brigitte Steele (Mersister), and Darcy Richards (Prince Eric).



Scale Model Expo

The annual is on again, in the July School holidays. Holiday fun for a gold coin entry fee. This goes towards supporting the Port Macquarie Mid North Coast Maritime Museum.

  • A wide variety of models, including radio-controlled ships and aircraft, period ships, and working railways.
  • View models constructed of timber, fibreglass, and resin. Plastic-scale models will include aircraft, both modern jets and old warbirds, armoured fighting vehicles, science fiction, ships, trucks, cars, and figures.
  • Demonstrations are held by world-class modellers from around the state.
  • Vendors will carry everything from basic starter kits. Modelling tools and paints, through to advanced kits and accessories for skilled builders.Model_Poster_2024_school_version.jpg

Community News