Term 4 Week 6 - 20th November 2020

Year 12 Graduation Dinner


What an amazing night it was! Students, their families, approximately 25 staff, and special guest, Fr Peter Wood, Assistant Priest to St Agnes’ Parish, came together one last time to celebrate the end of 13 years of schooling for our Year 12 2020 cohort. With applause, the 79 graduands assembled for their final roll call, and indeed made extra special this year, by the extraordinary challenges that this cohort has faced. 

For our 79 graduands, this is a great milestone. In their time at the College, they have embodied the many Gospel values that we hold close to our hearts. They have also nurtured the spirit of leadership and service as a part of our history, tradition and charism of the Josephite sisters. They have also shown great resilience and risen to the challenges that have been posed during their senior years at the College.

This is also a great occasion for the parents. I am sure our Year 12 parents are feeling deservedly proud and, somewhat relieved that the HSC is finally over.
A final thank you to our 2020 College Captains Sarah Stewart and Cameron Hunt, Vice Captains, Ebony Williams and Zac Roach and the 2020 Student Leadership Team. Our outgoing College Captains, Sarah and Cameron, performed their last official duty in their respective roles by the cutting of the Graduation cake.

We are fortunate to have such committed and caring teachers at St Joseph’s Regional College, and on that note, I would like to sincerely thank, Leader of Year 12, Mr Frank Johnston, Graduation Decorating Committee, Ms Cheryl Hyde, Mrs Amy Haydon and Mrs Amanda Cassegrain, Administration Support, Mrs Donna Eames and Maintenance Coordinator, Mr John Sprague for their tireless work in organising tonight’s celebration. Thank you to Mrs Sharon Green and the College Band for providing the entertainment as guests arrived. Thank you also to the many staff who assisted throughout the day in the setup of the event and also in assisting in the many jobs required to ensure the smooth running of this event. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say, together the staff of St Joseph's Regional College transformed the marquee into a beautiful space to celebrate the end of secondary school years for the 2020 Year 12 cohort. I would also like to thank and acknowledge your child's teachers, and the role that they have played in the lives of these young adults over the last six years. Lastly, I would like to thank the following Year 11 students who assisted on the evening as ushers and drink service waiters. Your assistance was much appreciated.

Thank you, Year 11 helpers:

Ella Handley, Phoebe Bentley, Matthew Walsh, Timothy Kobelke, Chloe Cooper, Luka Marshall, Ella Smith, Riley Johnston, Piper Seale, Joseph Lewis, Connor Hallum, Jorjia-Rose Styles, Bianca Green, Sarah Jennings, Elanor Williams.

On behalf of the College, we wish all graduands the very best in their future endeavours.

Community Feedback
I sincerely thank the many parents that left messages of gratitude on our Facebook page. We are blessed, not only to have been able to hold the Graduation celebration but also we as a College community, thank you, the parents, for entrusting your child to us in their secondary educational journey.  

STANSW Young Scientist Awards


The STANSW Young Scientist Awards is about connecting school and society through the active promotion of Science, Technology and Mathematics. 

Congratulations to graduating Year 12 student, Annabelle Instrell who has won Bronze in the ROWE Scientific Depth Study category at the STANSW Young Scientist Awards. Annabelle submitted a project on the Endophytic Fungi Species Ability to Biodegrade Plastics. 

This is an amazing achievement for Annabelle and we congratulate her on the perseverance that she demonstrated in producing work of this quality during this most difficult COVID-19 year.  There were close to 860 projects submitted this year.  Given the online nature of the competition, all projects were double-marked by trained judges and the winning projects have gone through further stages of judging.

To view the announcement and to find further information about this competition please go to the Young Scientist website at - http://www.youngscientist.com.au/


Naidoc Always Was Always Will Be logo.png

I would like to thank and acknowledge the excellent work and organisation of activities during NAIDOC week by our Indigenous Workers, Mrs Carly Taylor and Mr Braden Saggers

I refer you to the NAIDOC week article in this week's newsletter.

God Bless

Mr Jim Dempsey

Principal's Message


Families have recently received updated College-based Statements. These are separate to the School Fee accounts managed by St Agnes’ Parish and cover all student specific subject, sporting and activity costs.

We ask that these statements please be finalised as soon as possible to assist with budgeting. If you have any concerns please phone the College to assist with a payment plan.

Thank you.



Today, we welcomed our Year 7 2021 to the College. This was a day where our incoming students had the opportunity to learn more about themselves and St Joseph’s Regional College, meet teachers, and make new friends.
It takes an incredible group of people to ensure these days run smoothly.

To Mr Michael Morson, Leader of Year 7 2020 and Flinders, thank you, for your organisation of the day. To Pastoral Care Leaders and teachers who held classes during the day. To our wonderful Year 9 students who lead groups on tours and supported the Year 6 students throughout the day. Thank you also to Mrs Michelle Reynolds for the amazing work you do, welcoming our new families to the College and preparing for these special days.

Thank you to the Year 6 students, for your participation and embracing the spirit of St Joseph's Regional College and we look forward to seeing Year 7 in 2021. 


Friday 29th January 2021
Year 7 Positive Partnership Conversations & Laptop Initial set-up (Please bring Laptop)
All Year 7 parents and students will be invited to attend a 15-minute Positive Partnership conversation with your child’s Pastoral Care (PC) teacher on Friday, 29th January 2021.  The Positive Partnership conversations are an initiative at the College to enhance the partnership between staff, students, and families and will be an invaluable way for the PC Teacher to get to know your son or daughter and for you to be able to put a ‘face to the name’.  Further details and booking information will be emailed to families in Term 4. After your conversations, you will be directed to meet with members of the Information Technology department to assist with the initial setup of your child’s device.

Monday 1st February 2021 

First Day for Year 7 2021
Year 7 students will commence on Monday, 1st February 2021.  Students should assemble outside the College Hall between 8.30 am and 8.45 am.  On their first day, students will require a pen and notepaper as well as their recess and lunch.  At 9.00 am parents will be invited to morning tea in the College Library.

Bus Travel
Applications for student travel in 2021 opened on Wednesday, 30th September 2020. If students need to update their information or re-apply, they should go online to:


Applications need to be submitted before December 2020 to ensure student entitlements are updated and their current entitlement/card is not cancelled.

We look forward to working with you and your child in 2021. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact the College on 5525 4100.

Year 7



2021 will see the implementation of some changes to the College Uniform Code of Presentation. Please see the revised policy attached. A copy of this will be in the 2021 College Diary for future reference.

The main changes include:

SPORT UNIFORM - students are permitted to wear sports uniform to and from school on their sports day, for PD/H/PE practical lessons and for other elective practical lessons, as negotiated with their teacher eg. Marine Studies, PASS, Dance or Drama practicals.

Sport uniform may also be worn to school on days where school sport team training or organised sports competitions occur.

NB. Please be mindful that students who participate in Technology subjects require leather shoes to be worn for the practical lessons. This applies to ALL of Year 7 and 8 and students in other year groups who choose electives in the TAS area. If sport uniform is worn to school and a practical lesson is timetabled, black leather school shoes must be brought to school to change into. Alternatively, we recommend buying sport shoes with a full leather upper.

HAIR - more explicit instructions as outlined.

MAKE-UP - make-up and nail polish are not permitted, including acrylic, French tip or shellac nails. Eyelash extensions are not permitted.

JEWELLERY - Junior jewellery remains unchanged, however, senior jewellery has changed.

We appreciate the support of families to ensure students are well-groomed and wearing the College uniform correctly and with pride each day.

I encourage you to view the new College Uniform Code of Presentation 2021 Policy in its entirety. 

Mrs Tanya Daley
Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care & Staff Support

Assistant Principal - Pastoral
NAIDOC week 2020.png

Last week, the students at SJRC came together to celebrate NAIDOC Week. Students had the opportunity to experience some Indigenous games during recess and lunchtimes, whilst also earning points for their House and the honour of winning the inaugural NAIDOC WEEK Shield.


The shield was designed by Oliver Hooper in Year 8 and was hand made by Braden Saggers and Jeremy Bate. Thank you, Oliver, Braden and Jeremy, you did a fantastic job, and I have no doubt the shield will be highly contended each year. The students and staff all had a great time, and it was wonderful to see so many students from various year levels getting involved.

The winning house for this year was FLINDERS! Well done!


Extract from the NAIDOC Week website  

This year’s NAIDOC Week theme: 


Always Was, Always Will Be.

Always Was, Always Will Be recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years.

We are spiritually and culturally connected to this country.

This country was criss-crossed by generations of brilliant Nations.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were Australia’s first explorers, first navigators, first engineers, first farmers, first botanists, first scientists, first diplomats, first astronomers and first artists.

Australia has the world’s oldest oral stories. The First Peoples engraved the world’s first maps, made the earliest paintings of ceremony and invented unique technologies. We built and engineered structures - structures on Earth - predating well-known sites such as the Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge.

Our adaptation and intimate knowledge of Country enabled us to endure climate change, catastrophic droughts and rising sea levels.

Always Was, Always Will Be. acknowledges that hundreds of Nations and our cultures covered this continent. All were managing the land - the biggest estate on earth - to sustainably provide for their future.

Through ingenious land management systems like fire stick farming, we transformed the harshest habitable continent into a land of bounty.

NAIDOC Week 2020 acknowledges and celebrates that our nation’s story didn’t begin with documented European contact whether in 1770 or 1606 - with the arrival of the Dutch on the western coast of the Cape York Peninsula.

The very first footprints on this continent were those belonging to First Nations peoples.

Our coastal Nations watched and interacted with at least 36 contacts made by Europeans prior to 1770. Many of them resulting in the charting of the northern, western and southern coastlines – of our lands and our waters.

For us, this nation’s story began at the dawn of time.

NAIDOC 2020 invites all Australians to embrace the true history of this country – a history which dates back thousands of generations.

It’s about seeing, hearing and learning the First Nations’ 65,000+ year history of this country - which is Australian history. We want all Australians to celebrate that we have the oldest continuing cultures on the planet and to recognise that our sovereignty was never ceded.

Carly Taylor
Indigenous Education Worker

Christmas Hamper Appeal

Thank you to families, staff and students for your various donations. However, we still have until next Wednesday, 25th November to gather donations. 
We invite families to enter into the real spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving to others. This year, as we do every year, our College will support many families through the Christmas Hamper Appeal. Our Pastoral Care groups will be collecting goods to make up a Christmas Hamper for families within our Parish who are in need of assistance. This is a real opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and it’s a real pleasure to see the joy on their faces when they receive a hamper unexpectedly.

Your child may ask you for cash or items to support our Christmas Hamper Appeal. This year, due to Covid-19, the Parish is putting generic Hampers together and has determined there will be three labelled 'Boxes' with specific items in each box along with two $10 vouchers. Small families will receive one Box of each A, B and C (See attached flyer) and two Vouchers. Larger families will receive multiples of Boxes A, B and C.


Students are being asked to elect to bring a specific item to add to a Box or bring $5 in to contribute to purchasing some of the items and the Vouchers. All items will need to be brought in by the end of Week 6. Hamper Boxes will be packed and taken to the Church on 26th November.

Thank you in anticipation of your support for this wonderful Christmas Initiative. It is amazing to see the joy on the faces of those who receive Hampers each year! As always, we appreciate your support for the many ways the College supports our communities.


Wednesday, 25th November - Hamper Boxes are packed and finalised.

Thursday, 26th November - Hampers delivered to the St Agnes' Parish Church

The Evangelisation Team at SJRC

Prayer through Music

Listening to music is a powerful way to relax and manage stress. A slower tempo song can soothe the stress of the day by quieting your mind and relaxing your muscles.

Check out some of the great music featured this week on the SJRC Digital Ministry Blog https://sjrcministry.wixsite.com/digitalministry

Featured Music

Rend Collective’s 'You Are My Vision' is a modern version of the original Celtic Hymn written over 1500 years ago as a translation of St Patrick’s declaration of who God truly is.

Digital Ministry


We invite you to click on the links below to see the great resources on the SJRC Digital Ministry Blog and Instagram Page put together by our Youth Ministry Officers, Chloe Nash and Amelia Stennett.

SJRC Digital Ministry Blog https://sjrcministry.wixsite.com/digitalministry

SJRC Digital Ministry Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/sjrcdigitalministry/

The Soul

Each week, the Catholic Schools Office, Lismore puts together 'The Soul' e-newsletter; packed full of great information and resources.

We invite you to click on the link below to check out this week's edition:


Timo Gobius
Leader of Evangelisation

  featured image

Prizes (the winning PC receives)

  • Perpetual Trophy
  • Pizza Lunch
  • Out of Uniform Day


All Junior PCs are entered. 


Games begin on Monday of Week 4
● All games begin at 1:50pm and finish at 2:05pm – 15 minute games
● The ball must be dead to finish play.
● 6 a side (must have at least 2 girls on the field).
● 3 points for the first try of the game and 2 points for every other try.
● Year 7 and 8 girl’s tries are worth double.
● If game rained out it will be a 3 – 3 draw unless it is a knockout game which will be rescheduled
● Touchdown turnaround – swap ends after each try.
● If a forfeit – 7 nil win.
● No player (including PC teachers) may play for another team. A forfeit will be the penalty.
● Only one teacher on the field at once.
● House Coordinators or other teachers aligned with a house may play for a team in that house – they can’t play for more than one team.
● Results and ladders will be posted on the Sport Website News Section.
● Games to be played on the AFL oval. Field map below.

Tie Breaker
At the end of the round robin phase a winner is decided on:
1. Points
2. Difference
3. Percentage = (points for/points against)*100

Rules & Field Map


Anyone who would like to volunteer is welcome.


Junior Draw– begins Week 4

Junior and Senior Ladders – click the correct TAB at the bottom


  1. Monday Week 4 (2.11.20)
    • Field 1 – F1 (Forfeit) lost to F3 (7)
    • Field 2 – F2 (0) lost to F4 (4)
    • Field 3 – I1 (10) def I3 (1)
    • Field 4 – I2 (4) lost to I4 (11)

  2. Tuesday Week 4 (3.11.20)
    • Field 1 – O1 (9) def O3 (0)
    • Field 2 – O2 (7) def O4 (0)
    • Field 3 – H1 (5) def H3 (0)
    • Field 4 – H2 (7) def H4 (Forfeit)

  3. Wednesday Week 4 (4.11.20)
    • Field 1 – M1 (Forfeit) lost to M3 (7)
    • Field 2 – M2 (Forfeit) lost to M4 (7)
    • Field 3 – W1 (8) def W3 (0)
    • Field 4 – W2 (11) def W4 (0)

  4. Thursday Week 4 (5.11.20)
    • Field 1 – F1 (Forfeit) lost to F5 (7)
    • Field 2 – F2 (0) lost to F6 (21)
    • Field 3 – I1 (9) def I5 (0)
    • Field 4 – I2 (Forfeit) lost to I6 (7)

  5. Friday Week 4 (6.11.20)
    • Field 1 – O1 (0) lost to O5 (6)
    • Field 2 – O2 (7) def O6 (0)
    • Field 3 – H1 (7) def H5 (0) illegal player
    • Field 4 – H2 (8) def H6 (7)

  6. Monday Week 5 (9.11.20)
    • Field 1 – M1 (Forfeit) lost to M5 (7)
    • Field 2 – M2 (2) lost to M6 (5)
    • Field 3 – W1 (7) def W5 (4)
    • Field 4 – W2 (3) def W6 (0)

  7. Tuesday Week 5 (10.11.20)
    • Field 1 – F3 (2) lost to F5 (7)
    • Field 2 – F4 (0) lost to F6 (9)
    • Field 3 – I3 (5) def I5 (2)
    • Field 4 – I4 (0) lost to I6 (3)

  8. Wednesday Week 5 (11.11.20)
    • Field 1 – O3 (2) lost to O5 (15)
    • Field 2 – O4 (7) def O6 (Forfeit)
    • Field 3 – H3 (Forfeit) lost to H5 (7)
    • Field 4 – H4 (0) lost to H6 (14)

  9. Thursday Week 5 (13.11.20)
    • Field 1 – M3 (0) lost to M5 (6)
    • Field 2 – M4 (0) lost to M6 (19)
    • Field 3 – W3 (5) def W5 (2)
    • Field 4 – W4 (3) lost to W6 (6)

  10. Monday Week 6 (16.11.20)
    • Field 1 - Seniors: Flinders (8) def Hastings (7)
    • Field 2 - Seniors: Innes (0) drew Macquarie (0)

  11. Tuesday Week 6 (17.11.20)
    • Field 1 - Seniors: Flinders (2) lost to Oxley (7)
    • Field 2 - Seniors: Innes (0) lost to Wilson (13)

  12. Wednesday Week 6 (18.11.20)
    • Field 1 - Seniors: Hastings  (3) def Oxley (0)
    • Field 2 - Seniors: Macquarie (2) lost to Wilson (7)

  13. Thursday Week 6 (19.11.20)
    • Junior Playoffs
    • Field 1 – F5 (0) lost to F6 (3) (Flinders Playoff)
    • Field 2 – I1 (9) def I6 (0) (Innes Playoff)

  14. Friday Week 6 (20.11.20)
    • Junior Playoffs
    • Field 1 – O5 (7) def O2 (0) (Oxley Playoff)
    • Field 2 – H1 (2) lost to H2 (10) (Hastings Playoff)

  15. Monday Week 7 (23.11.20)
    • Junior Playoffs
    • Field 1 – M5 (8) def M6 (5) (Macquarie Playoff)
    • Field 2 – W1 (4) def W2 (3) (Wilson Playoff)

  16. Tuesday Week 7 (24.11.20)
    • Junior Semi-Finals
    • Field 1 – F6 (3) lost to I1 (4) (Junior SF – R1)
    • Field 2 – H2 (2) lost to M5 (15) (Junior SF – R1)

  17. Wednesday Week 7 (25.11.20)
    • Junior Semi-Finals
    • Field 1 – F6 (12) def O5 (2) (Junior SF – R2)
    • Field 2 – H2 (0) lost to W1 (15) (Junior SF – R2)

  18. Thursday Week 7 (26.11.20)
    • Junior Semi-Finals
    • Field 1 – I1 (15) def O5 (4) (Junior SF Pool A – R3)
    • Field 2 – M5 (9) def W1 (2) (Junior SF Pool B – R3)

  19. Friday Week 7 (27.11.20)
    • Senior Final
    • Field 2 – Oxley (0) lost to Wilson (7)
    • Junior Final
    • Field 1 – Innes 1  (4) def Macquarie 5 (3)

Sport Touch Football Web Article

Primary School Band Tour

Music with note.jfif

I ask that parents of Band members, please check their emails for the invite for your child to attend the Primary School Band Tour on Wednesday, 2nd December.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to perform after a year of no performances!

Students who are participating in the Tour, are required to attend a final rehearsal on Wednesday, 25th November at MacKillop after school. The bus will leave from SJRC to MacKillop College at 3.00pm. The rehearsal will finish at 5.30pm.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Sharon Green
0416 291 648

CoCurricular Music Music Notes


Year 10 Textile students continue to complete their quilts. These beautiful quilts were made by Sharnie Kilmore and Jazlyn Fernando, who finished her quilt for her little cousin who loves Paw Patrol. Well done, Sharnie and Jazlyn.

Information Software and Design

Year 9 students have spent this term creating video games using the GameMaker Studio 2 software.

They began with tutorials and have moved onto designing and creating an original game of their own. Check out some of their designs below.

TAS team


Significant Literary Date


Next week, we recognize the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s “The origin of the Species”, first published on November 24th, 1859.

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” ― Charles Darwin

E-Book of the Week

Did you know we have an amazing e-book and audiobook library available for students? There are so many varied titles, and therefore it is so difficult to choose one to focus on.

With Year 7 2021 attending their Orientation Day today, what better theme for our E-Book of the Week than the protagonist Clem starting high school. This book is always available through our E-Book library - scan the QR code to get started.

Karen Bale
Teacher Librarian


Meaning: An introduction to new surroundings, activities or adjustments.


What is ‘Literacy Enrichment’ at SJRC?

It’s opportunities in and out of SJRC that enrich students’ understanding of and experience with media, film, reading, writing, and language in general. It’s excursions, festivals, writing, debating and public speaking competitions, and live performance.

Check us out at - SJRC Literacy Enrichment

Year 8 and Year 10 Writers' Enrichment Days


If you have an interest in writing and you want to further develop your craft, then a Writing Enrichment Day is for you.

Year 8 students were happily led into a world of 'creative challenge' by local author Hayley Lawrence last Thursday 12 November. Joined via zoom with students from St Paul’s in Kempsey and Mackillop College, our students experimented with a range of creative writing prompts provided by Hayley that explored setting, character and dialogue.

It was a thrill to witness our Year 8 students find gold seams of creativity
Year 10 students will soon experience the same dynamic workshop led by Hayley at Mackillop College.

Notes for the Year 10 Writers Enrichment Day have already gone out to parents. Allocation of the 25 spaces for each event is on a first-come-first-served basis.
Students are asked to bring a packed lunch, pens and their own device.

Find out more about Hayley’s work here:

The State Library Weekly Writing Prompts

Based on items from the NSW State Library, a weekly prompt will be provided for students who wish to sharpen their creative writing tools.

From penguins to picnics, floods to feasts, explore a range of thought-provoking stimuli and embark on your creative writing journey. New prompts will be added each week during Term 4, so remember to check back in.

Submit your creative writing entries for a chance to be published on The State Library website.

Visit: https://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/learning/learning-home/creative-writing-kids

Here’s the writing prompt for this week:

Building a sandcastle at Mick Simmons' Radio Club picnic, 15 Dec 1934:


Summer is coming! These children are working together to build the biggest sandcastle.

  • Describe the most incredible sandcastle you can imagine.
  • What rooms would be inside it?
  • Who would live in it?

Submit your creative writing entries for a chance to be published on The State Library website.

Visit: https://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/learning/learning-home/creative-writing-kids

Coming Up: Summer Reading 20-21 What’s on your list?


The SJRC Literacy Enrichment Team

Literacy Enrichment

We love catching up with past students and following their journeys since graduating from St Joseph's Regional College. The breadth and variety of career paths and life choices are amazing and make for such interesting reading. Our current students will find inspiration in these stories.

Only one person can claim to be the youngest post-graduate student at The University of Newcastle, and that's Michelle Ingram. She is about to complete her Master of Architecture, with a view to then moving on to commence a PhD. - an awesome progression from a graduate of the SJRC Class of 2016! Congratulations Michelle.


Mrs Leanne Tinsey
Leader of Careers and University Transition


Weekly Lunch Specials

Term 4 Week 7 Lunch Specials 
Monday Cheese & Spinach Ravioli with Pesto
Tuesday Fried Rice & Honey Soy Chicken Wings
Wednesday Bacon & Cheese Burger
    - Garlic Bread for recess
Thursday Massaman Beef & Rice
Friday Hamburgers

The Canteen opens at 8.00am every school day.

The Canteen's everyday menu can be found on our College website at the following link.  http://www.pmreglism.catholic.edu.au/community/parent-information/


Our fantastic canteen is now welcoming volunteers.

If you can help, please contact me at the College on phone: 5525 4100.
Many hands make light work!

Ms Donna Hamlin

Food Services Manager

The “Homework Hub” was established to provide students with a chance to complete set work and study away from the distractions that can occur at home.

It takes place in the library at the following times:

  • Monday to Thursday 3.15pm to 4.30pm.

Attendance is voluntary and is under the supervision of experienced staff.

The library is open from 7.30am every morning providing another opportunity for our students to work quietly outside of school hours.

If your son or daughter struggles to do homework and study, this may be the solution to get them “on the way” to the results they are looking for.

Getting Ready for Christmas with Fr Rob Galea

This will be a presentation with a difference. Rob will share his musical talents, whilst focusing on preparing us for the very special time of Christmas. A night to remember!

School to Work - for secondary students with disability

Mental Health First Aid

Community News