Term 2 Week 8 - 11th June 2021


From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Something special happened at assembly this week.  In a tribute to one of my high school teachers and great storyteller, Father Bob, Mrs Leanne Johnson revisited the theme from Term 1 of our God given uniqueness:


Mrs Johnson then introduced three stories. The first story acknowledged the flourishing journey that our Year 12 cohort have travelled from their first day at school to now, preparing to depart the College and choosing their direction.  She spoke with affection of how impressed she is of the Year 12 students she knows.

The second story was about an amazing student in Year 9, Jasmine Ferguson. Despite being born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and CVI (a type of visual impairment), and her mum being told the many things that would be difficult, such as walking, talking and swallowing.  Jasmine discovered her passion at the age of nine and received important encouragement at that time to pursue what she loved, which is running.  Since that time, Jasmine has made amazing achievements at a national level (I refer you to the Sports section of the newsletter).

Tree_3.JPGThe final story was told in song, “From Little Things, Big Things Grow”, about Northern Territory Aboriginal elder, Vincent Lingiari.  The song began with Mr Simon Gudgeon, who was soon joined by Harry Amon on harmonica, then Mr Shane Hyland, Ms Jessica Lewis, Ms Heidi Flanagan, Mrs Fiona Jensen, Mr Norm Kobelke, Harry Turnbull, Nicholas Murray, Logan Byrnes and Tom Steele.  Year 12 then joined in to finish the song, truly exemplifying the lyrics “From Little Things, Big Things Grow”.

In 1966, there was a walk off the cattle stations by the traditional Gurindji owners of the land because they had had enough after 50 years of being treated appallingly, more like slaves than workers.  The strike lasted for 8 years!  What started with one man as a dispute for equal working conditions, evolved into the much larger challenge for Aboriginal land rights, which took on national momentum.

In 1975, 9 years after the walk off, Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, poured soil into the hand of traditional landowner, Vincent Lingiari.  This was symbolic recognition and commitment from the leader of our nation that the lands would be returned and always belong to the traditional owners.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Simon Gudgeon, Harry Amon, Mr Shane Hyland, Ms Jessica Lewis, Ms Heidi FlanaganMrs Fiona Jensen, Mr Norm Kobelke, Harry Turnbull, Nicholas Murray, Logan Byrnes, Tom Steele and all of Year 12 for bringing this heartfelt song to life.  Special thanks also to Julianne Byrne for her assistance.

CLICK HERE to view the song.


God bless
Mr Jim Dempsey

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Year 11 Liturgy

On Wednesday, 9th June, our Year 11 Liturgy was held with the theme, “We are Called to Serve”.

Each year, our Year 11 Liturgy celebrates the efforts of those in our community who selflessly give to others and is a reminder of the ways that we too can give, in the service of God.

Lexie Williams introduced the Liturgy:


“We come together as a Year 11 group to give thanks and to remember our call to serve others. As Year 11 students, we give thanks for the many 

opportunities that are offered to us. We are able to study and learn in a safe and supportive community, we have so many extra-curricular opportunities offered to us and we have friends, teachers and family to support us. We know this is not the same for students our same age in parts of our country and around the world. In Term One as a year group, we supported Project Compassion through various activities and initiatives to show our support for other students and communities throughout the world who do not share the same privileges that we do. Today we are also remembering and praying for refugees who are struggling in their own ways and offer support to them through our prayers and food offerings.

We have been challenged to be a witness to our faith, and hear the call to help and serve others. We know as Christians, Jesus left us with an important role to play in our communities. We are to be his hands, his eyes and voice. We are called to continue passing his message of love to others. We pray today that each of us can meet that challenge.”

Thank you to our guests, Mr John Ross (Jesuit Refugee Service) and Mr Steve Pares (Coordinating Executive Officer St Agnes' Parish Education), who joined us for the celebration. Thank you also to Fr Peter, Mrs Croft, Mr Gobius and our Youth Ministry Officers, Emily Burg and Matt Strumolo for facilitating the celebration.

SJRC Volleyball Competition

I would like to congratulate and thank Mr Michael Cannon for coordinating a very successful lunchtime volleyball competition.  There was a high level of participation by students and staff, with 27 teams in the competition.  Last year's winning PE staff team, "Champs", defeated student team "McLovin" 46-42 in overtime.  I refer you to Mr Cannon's full report in the Sports section of the newsletter.



Mrs Tanya Daley
Assistant Principal - Mission

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Year 7-10 Awards

The Year 7-10 Award Ceremony will be held in the College Hall on Friday 18th June at 9.05am.

Year 11 Awards

The Year 11 Award Ceremony will be held in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) on Thursday 17th June at 2.15pm.

An SMS notifying you of your child being a recipient of an Outstanding Application or Achievement Award will be sent by Tuesday afternoon 15th June 2021.

You will be required to sign in with our QR Code. Please don't attend if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms.

Mr Tim McCosker
Assistant Principal - Curriculum & Administration

Assistant Principal - Curriculum Awards

This exciting conference is back again in September, starting on the first Wednesday of the school holidays. The Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore ("CSO"), will be organising the trip, which is open to students from Years 9-12 at St Joseph's Regional College. The cost will be subsidised by the CSO to make it more affordable and accessible. Student participants will be asked to make a co-contribution of $245.00 which contributes towards travel, accommodation, registration and most meals, and is the equivalent of the registration fee alone.

To secure your registration for Ignite, students will need to collect a form from the College office and return it by Friday 11th June. Please include payment of $245.00 (non-refundable) with the permission note and return it to the College office. Registration as a group will be completed once an idea of numbers is known.

Further details on the conference are below:


Mr Timo Gobius
Leader of Evangelisation

CSO Evangelisation
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Food for Special Occasions

Year 9 Food Technology students have begun their Food For Special Occasions unit, where students learn that food is an important component of many special occasions.

Students explore a range of special occasions including social, cultural, religious, historical and family. Students plan and prepare safe food for special occasions.

This week's practical lesson involved preparing and presenting small treats for special occasions - milo balls and brigadeiros (a sweet from Brazil).

Mrs Diana Walsh
Assistant Leader of TAS

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Parent Library

Nurturing a child's love of books is exactly the core business of St Joseph's Regional College Library, so we are VERY pleased to showcase this book by the brilliant Megan Daley as this week's Parent Library focus. Megan is a Teacher Librarian herself and has invaluable insights into nurturing reading in young people amidst the varying and competing priorities in the lives of those in our care. Contact us if you would like to borrow this book.


Premier's Reading Challenge

We are now at the halfway point of the 2021 NSW premier's Reading Challenge. Last week, I checked in with the students who have not yet completed the Challenge, just to make sure that they were staying on track and that they had not forgotten how to log in to the portal and enter their personal reading log titles. Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Challenge already and as such are eligible for a Coordinator's Award:

Elijah Koivu
Oliver Koivu
Alannah Steele

Zoe Copeland - Guest Recommender

This week's guest recommender is one of our most prolific student readers, Zoe Copeland. Zoe is a member of the Page Turners Book Club and has been a regular participant in the annual NSW Premier's Reading Challenge. Her choice of title to recommend falls into the genre of Crime Fiction.


Book Reviews - Year 7 Contributions to the Library Catalogue

Year 7 English classes have been competing in a draw for a prize for each class. Students are submitting book reviews for approval for inclusion in the Library catalogue. Each class has a winner drawn from the approved students... the lucky recipient picks up a $5.00 canteen voucher.

Mrs Karen Bale - Teacher Librarian (Monday-Thursday)
Mrs Michelle Lawler - Teacher Librarian (Friday)

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Word of the Week:  Men's Health Week 14th - 20th June

Meaning: Men. They're alright, aren't they? In many cases no.

Men take their own lives 4 times that of women.

Plus, accidents, cancer and heart disease account for the majority of male deaths.
Men need our attention too.

St Joseph's Regional College Library
A career in mental health occupational therapy is the goal for Courtney Newell, this week's Alumna.

#occupationaltherapist  #aHSC4Opportunity  #wherearetheynow


What is ‘Literacy Enrichment’ at SJRC?

It’s opportunities in and out of SJRC that enrich students’ understanding of and experience with media, film, reading, writing, and language in general. It’s excursions, festivals, writing, debating and public speaking competitions and live performance.

Check us out at - SJRC Literacy Enrichment

    What’s on the radar in Weeks 8 and 9?

    Bell Shakespeare present ‘Macbeth in Rehearsal’
    Wednesday 9th June 2.10pm SJRC PAC


    Together with Bell Shakespeare, we’re thrilled to be able to host a live performance for our Year 10 students next Wednesday after what has now numbered three rescheduled visits due to fire, virus and floods!

    Students will enjoy a vibrant and teenager friendly performance from a nationally renowned performance company who will bring to life parts of the famous Macbeth story and the beauty of Shakespeare’s language.

    An update on the performance will be included in a later newsletter.

    5 Fun Facts About Macbeth:

    1) Macbeth was loosely based on a real king.
    2) It's a relatively short Shakespeare play.
    3) The play was first published 7 years after Shakespeare's death.
    4) King James I was a big influence.
    5) Macbeth is THE only Shakespeare play to include the word 'rhinoceros'

    3 Fun Facts about William Shakespeare:

    1) Shakespeare's father held a lot of different jobs, and at one point got paid to drink beer.
    2) Nobody knows what Shakespeare did between 1585 and 1592.
    3) Shakespeare's parents were probably illiterate, and his children almost certainly were.

    Bell Shakespeare actors from https://www.bellshakespeare.com.au/

    2021 SJRC Debating Teams TryOuts

    Debating coaching has commenced among all Year 7-10 aspiring debaters.

    Now what?
    Students will all be invited to attend an initial tryout with their coaches and their teams before the end of the term. All students are asked to ensure they check daily notices for information on these tryout days.

    Don’t forget to check out the SJRC Literacy Enrichment page.


    See you next week!

    The SJRC Literacy Enrichment Team

    Literacy Enrichment

    Year 9 Visual Arts

    Small Coloured Paper Sculptures

    These sculptures were inspired by the Australian artist Robert Klippel and his 93 coloured cardboard constructions from 1980.

    Cardboard and Timber Sculptures

    Students studied the American artist, Richard Serra's and his 'verbs' to design and construct a 3D sculpture. The students then had to 'play' with the different mixed media materials they were given and concentrate on the line, form and shapes.

    Lino Prints

    In Term 1, students created a series of lino prints based on the themes of 'Urban/Suburban' and 'Coastal/Country'. These themes helped the students connect to a sense of place and belonging. Students studied the prints of Australian artists Margaret Preston and Andrew Crooks in the design of their artworks.

    Mrs Renee May
    Art Teacher

    Music Notes

    Music notes.png

    This week, 160 students from SJRC and MacKillop College had the great pleasure of meeting Michael Dolce, guitarist for The Voice, Kylie Minogue, the Madden Brothers and more.

    Two sessions were presented, with the first being a Q&A session where Michael revealed how he got into the music industry.

    The second session was split into two groups.  The first group consisted of guitarists who had an extra session with Michael, where they had the opportunity to play with him.  The second group of five senior students presented one of their performance pieces for the student audience and explored what senior marking criteria is about.

    Mrs Leanne Johnson
    Leader of Creative Arts

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    Food for Thought

    Year 12 students were treated to another English seminar (and breakfast muffin) in the College library last Thursday. Unpacking unseen essay questions and applying a formula to writing introductory paragraphs were covered in the presentation. More opportunities will be offered to Year 12 before and after the trial HSC in order to assist and extend students in HSC English, so students are encouraged to keep their eyes and ears open!

    Ms Anne Marchment
    Leader of English
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    Year 12 Biology

    Year 12 Biology students have been learning about infectious disease. Dirty water can be contaminated with microorganisms and may possibly cause disease. Students investigated microorganisms in creek water and the most effective methods to treat the water to kill any microorganisms.

    The different treatment methods students used were boiling the water for a few minutes, filtering the water, boiling and filtering or using water purifying tablets available from pharmacies.  Students placed samples of the untreated and treated creek water onto agar plates and sealed them. These are small clear plastic dishes containing a special nutrient jelly that provides an optimal growing environment for bacteria and fungi. Therefore, if there were any microorganisms in the water these would grow over several days so they can be observed. The results showed that there were bacteria and fungi in our creek water and the most effective method for killing these microorganisms was filtering and boiling the water or using water purifying tablets.

    Our environment contains many microorganisms that are vital to our ecosystem. Indeed we have good bacteria living in our digestive system that help our bodies to digest plant material in our diet. However, there are a few microorganisms in our environment that can cause disease. Therefore, it is safer to treat creek or river water before drinking it.

    Mrs Wendy Westman

    Science Teacher

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    10th June 2021

    Congratulations to the following students who competed at the NSW Catholic Combined Colleges Cross Country on Tuesday in Eastern Creek.  In particular to Jasmine Ferguson and Matt Walsh who both qualified for the NSWCCC Team to compete at the NSW All Schools Cross Country on Friday 16th July in Sydney. 

    • Keira Donovan (3km) - 12th in the 13 Girls in 13min 16s
    • Brendan Walsh (4km) - 31st in the 15 Boys in 16min 10s
    • Matt Walsh (8km) - 5th in the 18 Boys in 30min 24s (qualified for NSWCCC team)
    • Matt Gleeson (8km) - 26th in the 18 Boys in 35min 24s
    • Jasmine Ferguson (3km) - 2nd in the 14/15 Girls Multi Class in 28min 53s (qualified for NSWCCC team)

    2021 Full Results Sheet

    Michael Cannon
    SJRC Leader of Sport

    10th June 2021

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    12th May 2021

    Each year we run a volleyball competition at lunch and recess.  Anyone can enter a team of eight and there is no restriction on combination (ie. any year group, any gender, staff may enter a team too or be part of a student team).  Please read on for details.

    Congratulations to The Defending Champions who defended their title.  Teachers 2 - Students 0

    • The Defending Champions (46) def  McLovin (42)


    • Please read the competition rules (below) before entering
    • Teams can be made up of any combination of year group and gender.
    • Entries now closed


    • 20 minute games
    • Draw posted daily on the notices 
    • Rally Point Scoring – every rally counts for a point
    • 6 on the court at any one time
    • Same person keeps serving until they lose
    • When receiving the ball back each person MUST rotate one place clockwise
    • Serve from the back right hand corner of the court
    • May come up to the blue line to serve
    • 3 touches only
    • Touch the net – point to the other team
    • Captains to sign results card at the end of each match


    • 1st = Perpetual Trophy + Pizza Lunch + Out of Uniform Day (same day)


    • Double Elimination Knockout Competition
    • Guaranteed 2 Matches
    • Draw
    • Games to start in week 3 of term 2.
    • Team Lists


    • Recess 11:10 – 11:30
    • Lunch 1:45 – 2:05


    Wednesday 9th June (Grand Final)

    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05 (Grand Final)
      • Match 52 - Court B: The Defending Champions (46) def  McLovin (42)

    Tuesday 8th June

    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05
      • Match 51 - Court B: Oreos (44) lost to McLovin (32)

    Monday 7th June

    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05
      • Match 50 - Court B: McLovin (51) def Empire Spikes Back (33)

    Friday 4th June

    • Recess: 11:10 - 11:30
      • Match 46 - Court A: Empire Spikes Back (46) def DNA Smashers (30)
      • Match 47 - Court C: McLovin (44) def Jacob's Bar Mitzva (37)
    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05
      • Match 48 - Court A: Hunter's Honeys II (31) lost to Empire Spikes Back (36)
      • Match 49 - Court C: Oreos (35) lost to The Defending Champions (39)

    Tuesday 1st June

    • Recess: 11:10 - 11:30
      • Match 40 - Court A: Flat Caps Were Back (35) lost to Jacob's Bar Mitzva (43)
      • Match 41 - Court B: The Rookies (31) lost to Empire Spikes Back (46)
      • Match 42 - Court C: Year 13 (37) lost to DNA Smashers (45)
    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05
      • Match 43 - Court A: Oreos (35) def Hunters Honeys II (34)
      • Match 44 - Court B: The Defending Champions (37) def McLovin (33)
      • Match 45 - Court C: How I Set Your Mother (36) lost to Jacob's Bar Mitzva (42)

    Monday 31st May

    • Recess: 11:10 - 11:30
      • Match 34 - Court A: McLovin (47) def Year 13 (34)
      • Match 35 - Court B: How I Set Your Mother (43) def Over the Top (34)
      • Match 36 - Court C: Sets in the City (37) lost to Jacob's Bar Mitzva (47)
    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05
      • Match 37 - Court A: Empire Spikes Back (55) def Year 12 Girls (26)
      • Match 38 - Court B: Spike That (28) lost to DNA Smashers (49)
      • Match 39 - Court C: Green Machine (28) lost to How I set Your Mother (45)

    Friday 28th May

    • Recess: 11:10 - 11:30
      • Match 28 - Court A: Over the Top (40) def Blazing Aces (39)
      • Match 29 - Court B: Yr 12 Girls (45) def Set & Forget (41)
      • Match 30 - Court C: DNA Smashers (55) def Hot Shots (28)
    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05
      • Match 31 - Court A: Oreos (36) def Green Machine (25)
      • Match 32 - Court B: Hunters Honey's II (45) def Flat Caps Were Back (27)
      • Match 33 - Court C: The Defending Champions (41) def The Rookies (36)

    Thursday 27th May

    • Recess: 11:10 - 11:30
      • Match 23 - Court A: How I Set Your Mother (45) def Little Digs (43)
      • Match 26 - Court B: Empire Spikes Back (41) def Team Extreme 3.0 (29)
      • Match 24 - Court C: Sets in the City (45) def Big Dig Hitters (37)
    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05
      • Match 25 - Court A: Dave's Devon Devils (46) lost to Jacob's Bar Mitzva (49)
      • Match 27 - Court C: We Showed Up (41) lost to Spike That (52)

    Friday 7th May

      • Recess: 11:10am - 11:30am
        • Match 3 - Green Machine def Hasting's Serv-ivors (Forfeit)
        • Match 4 - Big Dig Hitters (24) lost to We Showed Up (36)
        • Match 11 - Dave's Devon Devils (36) def Dream (19)
      • Lunch: 1:45pm - 2:05pm
        • Match 9 - Court A: Sets and the City (50) def Spike That (32)
        • Match 7 - Court C: Set & Forget (43) lost to The Rookies (52)

    Monday 10th May

      • Recess: 11:10am - 11:30am
        • Match 1 - Court A: Little Digs (31) lost to Empire Spikes Back (43)
        • Match 2 - Court B: Year 12 Girls (41) def Blazing Aces (27)
        • Match 5 - Court C: Jacob's Bar Mitzva (33) lost to Flat Caps Were Back (41)
      • Lunch: 1:45pm - 2:05pm
        • Match 8 - Court A: Over the Top (53) def Setters of Catan (33)
        • Match 10 - Court B: Year 13 (46) def Hot Shots (44)
        • Match 6 - Court C: How I Set Your Mother(50) def Team Extreme 3 (33)

    Monday 24th May

    • Recess: 11:10 - 11:30
      • Match 12 - Court A: Blazing Aces (44) def Hasting's Serv-ivors (29)
      • Match 13 - Court B: Set & Forget (38) def Setters of Catan (27)
      • Match 14 - Court C: Hot Shots (67) def Dream (14)
    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05
      • Match 15 - Court A: Oreos (36) def Empire Spikes Back (34)
      • Match 16 - Court B: Hunter's Honeys II (60) def We Showed Up (25)
      • Match 17 - Court C: DNA Smashers (38) lost to Flat Caps Were Back (39)

    Wednesday 26th May

    • Recess: 11:10 - 11:30
      • Match 20 - Court A: Yr 12 Girls (36) lost to Green Machine (43)
      • Match 21 - Court C: The Rookies (37) def Over the Top (27)
    • Lunch: 1:45 - 2:05
      • Match 18 - Court A: The Defending Champions (48) def How I Set Your Mother (30)
      • Match 19 - Court B: McLovin (61) def Sets in the City (25)
      • Match 22 - Court C: Year 13 (44) def Dave's Devon Devils (35)

    Mr Michael Cannon

    Leader of Sport

    23rd April 2021

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    6th June 2021

    Year 7/8 Girls Team

    On Wednesday 2nd June we attended the All schools touch tournament held here in Port Macquarie.

    We played 4 pool games, winning these games 2-0 against Macintyre, 3-0 against St Columba, 3-2 against St Clare, 3-1 against Mackillop(1).

    We progressed to the semi final where we again had a strong win beating Bishop Druitt 6-1.This win put us in the grand final which we had a convincing win over  St Clare 5-0.

    The girls had a tremendous tournament, their commitment, dedication, running our set plays and taking on feedback was invaluable on the day. Our defence was exceptional, only conceding  4 tries  the whole tournament.

    I would like to thank the girls for their great sportsmanship, and being such wonderful role models both on and off the field for our college. A big thank you to Mr Kelly and Mr Gudgeon for their expertise in teaching us our set plays in attack and defence.

    SJRC (2) def MacIntyre High (0)
    SJRC (3) def St. Columba (0)
    SJRC (3) def St. Clare's Taree (2)
    SJRC (3) def Mackillop (1)
    SJRC (6) def Bishop Druitt (1) Semi Final
    SJRC (5) def St. Clare's Taree (0)
    Mid North Coast Champions

    Mrs Hunter

    Yr 7/8 Boys
    SJRC (0) lost to Taree (3)
    SJRC (3) def MacKillop 2 (0)
    SJRC (3) drew Columba (3)
    SJRC (4) def Columba 2 (1)
    SJRC (1) lost to Mackillop 1 (7) Semi Final
    Mr. McKee
    Yr 9/10 Girls
    SJRC (5) def Macksville (0)
    SJRC (4) def St. Columba (0)
    SJRC (4) def Heritage (2)
    SJRC (1) drew Mackillop (1)
    SJRC (1) lost to Taree (4) Semi Final
    Mr. Kelly
    Yr 9/10 Boys
    SJRC (4) def Macksville (2)
    SJRC (4) def St Columba (0)
    SJRC (1) lost to Mackillop (2)
    SJRC (8) def Taree (1)
    SJRC (5) def Hastings College (0)
    SJRC (10) def Heritage (0)
    SJRC (3) def Mackillop (1) Grand Final
    Mid North Coast Champions
    Mr Simon Gudgeon

    6th June 2021

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    12th May 2021

    The annual SJRC Athletics Carnival will be held on Tuesday 13th July (Term 3 Week 1).  Due to the size of our College, we are unable to run all events on carnival day.  For that reason some of the events are run at the end of Term 2 – they are listed below.  All high jump events require parents to provide permission on the official form.  All events are optional.  Points accumulated will count towards age champion tallies.

    All Year 7 & 8 students will be provided with Fosbury Flop (high jump) tuition during sport classes so they are prepared for their high jump event if they choose to enter.

    2021 SJRC High Jump Permission Form

    Pre-Carnival Events

    Term 2

    Week 8
    Thur 10th Jun - Athletics 1500m All Ages (Oval - lunch)
    Fri 11th Jun - Athletics 800m All Ages (Oval - lunch)

    Week 9
    Mon 14th Jun - Queens B'day Public Holiday
    Tue 15th Jun - Athletics Triple Jump All Ages (Oval - lunch)
    Wed 16th Jun - Athletics 400m All Ages (Oval - lunch)
    Thur 17th Jun - Athletics 16s High Jump (Hall - lunch)
    Fri 18th Jun - Athletics 15s High Jump (Hall - lunch)

    Week 10
    Mon 21st-Thur 24th Jun - Yr 9 Canberra Excursion
    Tue 22nd Jun - 
    Athletics 13s High Jump (Hall - lunch)
    Wed 23rd Jun - Athletics 17+ High Jump (Hall - lunch)
    Thur 24th Jun - Athletics 12s High Jump (Hall - lunch)
    Thur 24th Jun - 14 Boys Cochrane Cup Rugby League Gala Day @ Port Macq
    Fri 25th Jun - Athletics 14s High Jump (Hall - lunch)

    Term 3

    Week 1
    Mon 12th Jul - Pupil Free Day
    Tue 13th Jul - SJRC Athletics Carnival

    Week 5
    Thur 12th Aug - Diocesan Athletics @Coffs Harbour

    To qualify for the SJRC Athletics Squad, students need to finish in the top 2 of each event.  More information regarding this year's carnival will be out before the end of term.

    Mr Michael Cannon
    Leader of Sport

    12th May 2021

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    9th June 2021

    Congratulations to Tom Jenkins and Tom Spilsbury who competed in the  "JetBlack NSW MTB Championship" at the Yellomundee Mountain Bike Track in Sydney on 6th June 2021. This event was hosted by the Western Sydney Mountain Bike Club.

    The boys formed a team with some mates from MacKillop, Ben Harris and Levi Robinson and they raced under the name  "JetBlack Port Macquarie Team".The boys were shown around the track by Western Sydney MTB Club on Saturday and they knew they were in for a fast and frantic four hour event the next day.

    Thanks to Mr Peter Jenkins, Tom's Dad, for the following report on the race:

     "Tom led out and was able to get a good start and was sitting tight on the tail of the lead rider.  Mid-way through the first lap he got a flat and had to run it around the majority of the 4km lap to get back to transition.  With the leader recording a 14:57 lap we were back in last place after the first lap and over 13 min down on the leader  Over the next 4 hours all four boys recorded consistently fast laps and bit by bit picked off the other teams and hunted down the lead team. With half an hour to go we'd climbed back to 2nd and were only 3-4 mins off the leaders. After a couple of super fast laps from the team, Tom Spils rode us into the lead and handed over to Tom for the final lap only 20 secs in front of second.  Another consistent lap would have seen us home for the win but it wasn't to be......another flat mid way through the lap and once again we were on foot giving up the lead and ultimately finishing 2nd only 2.5 minutes behind the leader.  

    Tom was able to record the three fastest lap times for the day but disappointed to also have one of the slowest after his 4km cross country run on lap 1 !!"

    Such a great achievement for the boys to finish 2nd in the event with so many Sydney teams in attendance.

    Well done!

    Web Article sports_article MTB
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    6th June 2021

    Boys Team

    SJRC travelled to Coffs Harbour optimistic of having a successful tournament after narrowly losing in golden goal to SCAS in the Bill Turner Cup a few weeks earlier. The squad was further strengthened with the addition of a core of Year 10 players that were too old for the Bill Turner Cup. The team played excellent soccer throughout the day and were undefeated in pool play without conceding a goal.

    • St Mary’s Casino 3-0 win
    • McAuley College Grafton 1-0 win
    • MacKillop Port Macquarie 0-0 draw
    • John Paul College Coffs Harbour 1-0.

    Onto the semi-final and the team accounted for Woodlawn College 1-0.

    In the final we faced off against MacKillop and in a scrappy affair the team conceded their only goal of the day in a 1-0 defeat. Well done to all squad members in regard to the effort and commitment displayed in making the final and the sportsmanship shown throughout the day.

    Mr Evan Berger

    Girls Team

    After an early exit in the Bill Turner Trophy competition losing 2-1 to St Paul's Kempsey, the girls were keen to play more soccer together at the Diocesan Gala day.  The girls played exceptionally well undefeated in their pool group.

    • St Mary’s Casino 3-0 win
    • McAuley College Grafton 1-0 win
    • St Joseph's Banora Point 5-0 win
    • John Paul College Coffs Harbour 2-2 draw.

    In the semi-final against Xavier College Ballina, the girls fought hard against a quality opponent. The match was evenly poised with chances for both teams. With a goal not given to us in the first half and a late runaway goal to Xavier left the result at a 1-0 loss.

    The girls played great and are to be congratulated for their efforts.

    Mr Michael Morson

    6th June 2021

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    Our College canteen is in need of volunteers. If you are able to spare an hour or so of your time, we would love for you to join us. Please contact Donna Hamlin through the College Office on 5525 4100 to arrange.

    Weekly Lunch Specials

    Term 2 Week 9 Lunch Specials 
    Monday Public Holiday
    Tuesday Chicken Pesto Pasta
    Wednesday Cheese Burger with Coleslaw
    Thursday Gourmet Hotdogs
    Friday Thai Green Chicken Curry

    The Canteen opens at 8.00am every school day.

    CLICK HERE for the Canteen's everyday menu.

    Ms Donna Hamlin
    Food Services Manager



    JHI offering Short Courses

    Interested in working with people in need of care and prefer to work hands-on?

    If you want to learn the skills involved in this type of role, JHI is running a number of nationally recognised short courses in June 2021 through which you gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to take on person-centred support roles.

    View the available courses and express your interest here: Courses – John Henry Institute

    John Henry Institue St Agnes' Parish News

    The St Agnes' Uniform Store is open from:

    Monday to Friday - 12 noon-5.00pm
    Saturday - 9.00am-12 noon

     6 Boronia Street, Port Macquarie

    Uniforms can also be purchased online at any time via https://saus.org.au/

    Items in short supply at the St Agnes' Parish Uniform Store

    We have been informed that the SAPPS sports socks are in low supply at the Uniform Store.

    If your child requires new socks and you are unable to purchase them, please write a note in your child's diary explaining this. Plain white sports socks can be worn in the interim.

    Uniform store.png

    St Agnes' Parish News Uniform

    Zamplify is a FREE event to give the Youth (12-25 years) in the Port Macquarie-Hastings area the chance to come together, have some fun and celebrate Youth Week 2021.

    Live Local Music - Obstacle Courses - Food trucks - Moonlight Movie

    Community News

    Further Post School Information For Students and Families

    The following link has a wealth of information for young people with disabilities and their families navigating the next steps to further employment or study after Year 12: https://www.ndis.gov.au/participants/finding-keeping-and-changing-jobs/leaving-school

    Learning Enrichment