Term 2 Week 6 - 5th June 2020

Blended Learning Awards

Congratulations to the majority of students who this week received a special Pastoral Coordinator's Award in recognition of their engagement and efforts during Blended Learning.

This is a great affirmation of our students using their Character Strengths of Love of Learning and Perseverance during what was a very difficult time for many.

I refer you to Mrs Daley's article following for further explanation in regard to Character Strengths.

Senior PC Blended Learning Awards

National Reconciliation Week (27th May - 3rd June 2020)

This week, we continue our acknowledgment of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders. Congratulations to Mrs Carly Taylor and Mr Braden Saggers for the great work in bringing our community together. #InThisTogether. Students of St Joseph's Regional College have certainly become more informed about the Indigenous population of Australia because of their efforts.

I refer you to the following overview of Reconciliation Week by Mrs Carly Taylor.

Reconciliation Week Canteen Display (1).JPG

We have had a wonderful National Reconciliation Week with a high rate of student involvement in the activities. We started the week with a walk around the College Link Road, showing our commitment to this year's theme of “In This Together”.  At the end of the walk, students placed a handprint on an artwork that has been displayed in our canteen area for the week.  Around this display, we placed posters with information about National Reconciliation Week for all to read.

In conjunction with our lovely Library staff, we created a display of some of the Indigenous books available in the library, information about inspirational Aboriginal leaders, artists, actors, leaders and politicians, Aboriginal artifacts, and information about National Reconciliation Week. During Pastoral Care time a  number of PCs visited the library to view the display, chat with Braden and myself, and students also watched the following short clip on Intergenerational Trauma.


To end the week, a lunchtime BBQ was held. The BBQ was a great success and we thank all of the students and staff who purchased either a sausage sandwich or a can of drink.  All the money raised will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The total raised for this wonderful cause was - $449.75. THANK YOU!!

For further information about the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, please click HERE.

Mrs Carly Taylor
Indigenous Education Officer

Child Protection Policy Update for Staff, Volunteers and Tutors

Our College has updated its Child Protection Policy which is located on the College Website; hover over the 'About' tab and select the option 'Our College', navigate to the 'Policies and Procedures' tab. http://www.pmreglism.catholic.edu.au/about-us/our-college/

Please be assured that all tutors, volunteers and staff members hold a current Working with Children’s Check and are regularly in-serviced regarding Duty of Care and Mandatory Reporting requirements.

All employees of St Joseph’s Regional College under The Care and Protection Act (1998) are mandatory Reporters. We are mandated to provide the following for students in our care: to provide an environment for them that is free of violence and exploitation and provide services that foster their health, development needs, spirituality, self-respect and dignity.


Afternoon Pickup of Students

Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID19, we are experiencing a higher number of families collecting their children, particularly, in the afternoon. I ask that all families entering the College via a vehicle remain vigilant of our students' movements during the busy pickup time. To this end, I would like to thank families for their continued courtesy and patience towards other road users. 

Social Distancing and The College Office

While we don’t require students to socially distance themselves at the College, we are obliged to maintain this expectation for adults. For this reason, I would ask that parents attend the College Office for relatively urgent matters only and ask parents to be mindful of using other forms of communication wherever possible.

If you do need to collect your child in an emergency or for an appointment, you are most welcome to call the College Office and arrangements will be made for your child to meet you outside the office. 

There is currently a limit of three people in the office foyer at any one time.


God Bless

Jim Dempsey

Character Strengths

This week in extended PC time, all our PC's engaged in a Wellbeing activity where they explored Character Strengths and determined their own top strengths.

It is a great idea to identify the strengths of your whole family and practise spotting strengths in each other.


Character strengths are the positive human qualities that serve as pathways for living a good life. Scientists and philosophers have identified a comprehensive set of virtues and character strengths have been valued throughout history, across cultures and religions. Through this process, they identified 24 character strengths that appear to be universal. They named this identification of strengths the VIA Classification of Strengths. The VIA stands for 'Values in Action'.

Parents are able to take the VIA test using the link below: http://www.viacharacter.org/www/Character-Strengths-Survey

Many thanks to Ms Kylie Wallis for organising the extended PC activities and to our wonderful PC teachers for facilitating the morning.

Normal School Day - Tuesday, 9th June 2020 - No Pupil Free Day

Due to the extenuating circumstances of COVID19, Tuesday, 9th June 2020 has now been gazetted as a normal school day. It is not a pupil free day as advertised in the College diary.

From this day, all students will return to 'face-to-face' teaching and compulsory full-time attendance.

Students will follow their timetabled lessons for Day 2, Week 1.

Celebrating Students' Birthdays 


Due to COVID19, we are catching up on celebrating our monthly 'Birthday Box' draw. We are very pleased to announce the winner of the March draw.

Congratulations to Maddison Wyndham for being the Birthday Box winner for the month of March. We hope you enjoy your gift.

What is the Birthday Box?
As part of our College goals, (Wellbeing & Unity) the St Joseph's Regional College Office would like to invite students to enter a monthly birthday draw.

What Do Students Need To Do?
On your birthday, come to the College Office and let the office ladies know it's your special day. Your name will then go into the 'Happy Birthday Box' and you will be given a small birthday card.

Please remember: You must come on the day of your birthday. Unless, of course, it falls in the holidays or a weekend. If so, just visit the College Office on the first day back to enter your name in the draw.

What do Students Receive?
The prize of a gift card will be drawn on the 1st of each month after your birthday month.

We are really looking forward to seeing students and wishing them Happy Birthday.
Good Luck in the drawer.

Year 10 Immunisation - Thursday, 11th June 2020

North Coast Area Health Service is holding an Immunisation Day at St Joseph’s Regional College.

A Parent Information Kit has been given to all Year 10 students today. The kit contains information about the following vaccinations and the disease that it protects against as well as a consent form.

Immunisation on Thursday, 11th June 2020

Year 10 Nimenrix (meningococcal ACWY)

Year 7 catch-ups for HPV dose 1 & Boostrix

Year 8 HPV dose 2 - catch-ups from 2019

Please note: Year 10 students are permitted to wear their sports uniform all day on Thursday, 11th June.


Signed consent forms are to be handed directly to the Area Health Nurse on Immunisation Day.

Please do not return completed forms prior to this day.


What do you need to do?

  • Read all information carefully in the Year 7 Vaccination Information Kit.
  • Complete & sign the Consent Form (make sure you sign for each vaccine your child requires).
  • Return the signed Consent Form on the day of immunisation.
  • Discuss the importance of vaccinations with your child.
  • Ensure your child has breakfast on the morning of vaccination

A record of vaccination will be kept by the Area Health Service and a copy will be provided to the vaccinated student for their records. Please understand that if you do not have your child immunised in the Year (eg. Year 7 – 10) that is offered by North Coast Public Area Health, you are able to access this vaccine at a later stage at your General Practitioner. The cost of the vaccine, however, will not be covered by this program.


Please contact the Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055 or visit www.health.nsw.gov.au/immunisation for further information and translated copies of the Year 7 Vaccination Information Kit.

Head Lice


Head lice outbreaks occur at all schools from time-to-time so we ask that you regularly check your child for head lice.  If your child has head lice please treat your child and inform us. Daily combing of dry hair with conditioner can get rid of head lice. Once treated, your child should continue to attend school.

For further information on head lice and the treatment of the lice, please click the following link -  NSW Health

Handling of Items Delivered to Students

Encouraging your child to be packed for school and organised the night before is a good practice. This habit will also avoid parents having to drop forgotten items to school. However, if this does occur and to eliminate the chance of cross-contamination, we ask that items being dropped off to the College are delivered in a bag with the student's name clearly marked on it. Your child will then be called to collect items.

Lost Property

We have a number of unclaimed lost property items. Please ensure your child's name is written on all items of clothing, this also includes sports bags that contain sports clothes, practical equipment and lunchboxes. Clearly labelled items are easily returned when lost.

The photos displayed below DO NOT HAVE ANY NAMES so therefore we can not return them to the rightful owner. Please contact the College Office if you recognise any of the following items. Some of the items pictured are still to be claimed from last week. 

Please note: Unclaimed uniform items will be washed and donated to our second-hand uniform store.


The St Agnes' Uniform store has now resumed trade from under revised hours of operation.

The store will be open Monday to Friday from 1.00pm - 5.00pm.

Online ordering has also resumed with a click and collect and delivery available. Please visit our webpage for online orders - https://stagnesparish.org.au/st-agnes-uniform-store/

Tanya Daley
Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care and Staff Support


Year 11 - 2021 Enrolment

Year 10 2020 families have been sent via email the following information in regards to enrolling into Year 11 in 2021.

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

Please find below a timeline for students in Year 10 who intend enrolling in Year 11 at St Joseph's Regional College in 2021.

Handbooks for Newman Senior Technical College will be distributed to students during Week 9 and students will tour the College on Wednesday, 22nd July.

Interviews for both Colleges will be held on Wednesday, 5th August.

I would encourage everyone to view the video link below, outlining the many opportunities available to senior students at St Joseph’s Regional College.

SJRC #aHSC4opportunity

Mr Tim McCosker

Assistant Principal - Curriculum & Administration

FREE Online HSC Subject Sessions

The University of Wollongong is offering 30 FREE subject-specific online sessions designed to help students improve their knowledge and understanding of key subject content and discover what HSC exam markers and assessors are looking for. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive tips and strategies directly from education professionals with years of experience.


Students must REGISTER for each online session. These webinars are anticipated to go for an hour, commencing at 7:30 pm on their respective dates. Webinars are currently scheduled to run until 1st July. Click on the following link for more information and to register for relevant courses.


HSC Free online sessions.JPG

Ian Lutton
Leader of Curriculum

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Thank you to all families who have submitted their applications for their child to attend St Joseph's Regional College in Year 7 2021. If you know of any families who still wish to be a part of this process please ask them to contact the College for an Enrolment Application Pack.

It is our intention to offer enrolment to students from our Catholic Feeder schools prior to an interview process. Letters of Offer have been sent to families this week.

Families will be contacted regarding a formal interview, welcome, and tour of the College later in the year.

Families from other schools throughout the area have attended interviews last Saturday and there will be some interviews held early next week.

If you know of any families that wish to apply for Year 7 2021 please ask them to contact the College urgently as the enrolment interview process is concluding at the end of next week. 

If you have any further enquiries please contact the College office or email the Enrolment Officer pmreg-enrolments@lism.catholic.edu.au


Years 7-10 BOOST is running again and we’re inviting YOU to us in the Chapel for some games.

BOOST lunchtime group.JPG


The Affirmation Challenge is back!!!

We are strongly encouraging you to affirm at least three people in your life.

This can be done via text, over the phone, or in person!

Don’t forget that an affirmation is “support or encouragement”

Prayer through Music

Listening to music is a powerful way to relax and manage stress. A slower tempo song can soothe the stress of the day by quieting your mind and relaxing your muscles.

If you are looking for some background music while you are studying or just relaxing at home, I encourage you to check out our focus song on Spotify.

Check out some of the great music featured this week on the SJRC Digital Ministry Blog https://sjrcministry.wixsite.com/digitalministry


Digital Ministry


We invite you to click on the links below to see the great resources on the SJRC Digital Ministry Blog and Instagram Page put together by our Youth Ministry Officers, Chloe Nash and Amelia Stennett.

SJRC Digital Ministry Blog https://sjrcministry.wixsite.com/digitalministry

SJRC Digital Ministry Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/sjrcdigitalministry/

Timo Gobius
Leader of Evangelisation

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What is ‘Literacy Enrichment’ at SJRC?

It’s opportunities in and out of SJRC that enrich students’ understanding of and experience with media, film, reading, writing, and language in general. It’s excursions, festivals, writing, debating and public speaking competitions, and live performance.

Check us out at - SJRC Literacy Enrichment

Year 7-10 Be Organised for English


With the return of face-to-face teaching in Week 7, it is now time to remember our essential equipment for each English class:

  • Workbook (Covered with your name and your teacher’s name clearly written on the front)
  • Diary
  • Laptop or iPad (fully charged)
  • A novel for 10 minute daily reading.
You will need this equipment for every English lesson.
Give yourself a chance to do 'Your Best' in class and be organised.

SJRC Literacy Enrichment Spotlight

2020 St Joseph's Regional College v MacKillop College Debating and Public Speaking Competition: Thursday, 27th August. Week 6 of Term Two.


Open to all students, the 2020 SJRC v MacKillop College Debating and Public Speaking Competition is now seeking expressions of interest from students of all year groups to train and compete as SJRC representatives. We are seeking one team per year group (four team members plus two substitutes) and individual students wishing to try their hand at public speaking.

Students will be expected to regularly attend a one hour weekly coaching session at school starting in Week 8 (Likely to be Wednesdays 3.30-4.30pm).

Here are five Reasons why Debating and Public Speaking are important:

  1. Gives improved critical thinking skills.
  2. You’ll gain public speaking skills for life!
  3. Increased retention of information learned.
  4. Enhanced teamwork skills and collaboration.
  5. More confidence to stand up for the truth when a discussion is promoting inaccuracies.

Would you like to know more about Debating and Public Speaking in general: https://digital.artsunit.nsw.edu.au/the-arts-unit-home/art-bites?eb2ea475_page=2

Curious? Absolute beginners and experienced debaters and public speakers welcome. Contact Mrs McKee via email now to express your interest in the 2020 SJRC Debating and Public Speaking Team.

The world needs good debaters now more than ever.

Join the 2020 SJRC Debating and Public Speaking Competition
and make a difference.


Still in the Spotlight

ABC’s Heywire and The Dorethea Mackellar Poetry Competition:

This week we will be focussing on two openings for students who have an interest in storytelling, film, and writing. The first is the ABC’s Heywire

1. Heywire puts young Australians at the centre of the conversations that shape their communities.

The annual Heywire cycle begins with a storytelling competition - open to people aged 16-22, living in regional or rural Australia. Heywire encourages young people to tell stories about their life outside the major cities in text, photo, video or audio format. Over the past 17 years, more than 9,000 young Australians have taken part.
But there’s plenty more on offer at ABC’s Heywire. Check out their site: https://www.abc.net.au/heywire/about/

2. Dorethea Mackellar Poetry Competition: In memory of the prominent Australian poet, this is a poetry writing competition for students of all ages and closes 30 June.

Visit https://www.dorothea.com.au/The-Poetry-of-Dorothea-Mackellar for more information on how to enter.

3. #LITFEST2444: Our own remarkable Literacy festival continues online: https://www.litfest2444.com.au/

What our SJRC Students recommend:

Zoe Copeland in Year 8 recommends the ‘Maze Runner’ and the ‘Darkest Minds’ series.

Jorja Paine in Year 8 recommends 'My Secret Guide to Paris' by Lisa Schroeder. It is a book about a girl named Nora who loves Paris and always dreams of visiting. After her grandmother died she went to Paris with her mother and brother and found a treasure hunt that her grandmother had set up before she died.

This book will appeal to 10-14 year olds. I have enjoyed this book because one day, I want to go to Paris and it was very interesting to hear all about the country and to see where the treasure hunt would lead to.


What Are You Reading / Watching / Listening to?

Here are a few more of what’s doing the rounds within SJRC staff

Tracy Pares Reading: ‘Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind’ (Yuval Noah Harari)
‘Poems that Make Grown Women Cry’ (Anthony and Ben Holden with Amnesty International)
Watching: Killing Eve (ABC iview)
Tom Inatey Reading: ‘The Secret Lives of Colour ‘(Kassia St Clair)
She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England before Elizabeth (Helen Castor)
Donna Eames Reading:‘Women who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype’ (Clarissa Pinkola Estés)
After Life and Grace & Frankie
Yogini on the Loose daily sit sessions

Keep reading, writing, reflecting, composing, creating, musing and connecting.

The SJRC Literacy Enrichment Team

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Make a podcast from home with Jess O'Callaghan

FREE Workshop Tuesday 9th of June 7pm - 9pm Live-Streamed on Facebook

How can you use stuff you already have at home to make a podcast, and online resources to edit it? Jess will show you how to record your stories and share them online with this hands-on intro to DIY podcast-making.

Jess O'Callaghan is a producer and writer for Audiocraft, as well as Audiocraft's Festival Manager. Most recently she's worked on podcasts including Creative Responders and Lumina, as well as projects for Audible. She was the founding producer of ABC politics podcast The Party Room, and was series producer for ABC investigative audio program Background Briefing.

Jess was also Executive Producer of FBi Radio’s "All the Best", and produced independent podcasts The Rereaders and the Meanjin Podcast. She has more than ten years of experience working in commercial, community and public radio.


To get notified about event updates mark yourself as going or interested in the event and allow our page to tell you when we are LIVE! See you there.

Litfest2444 Promo Jess O'Callaghan from #LitFest2444 on Vimeo.

Did you miss this week's session with our very own local author Hayley Lawrence? That's not a problem - you can take part in her workshop "Driving creativity, conflict and character" by accessing the presentation here.

Accessing Livestreamed Events in #LitFest2444 

  1. Go to the #LitFest2444 Facebook page.

  2. Click on the Presenters 2020 Tab.

  3. Scroll down the page until you see the presentation you wish to view.

  4. Accesseing_Livestream_1.jpgThe Presenter will have a Photo and an explanation of what their event is about.
    The following is an example.
  5. Click on the Pre-recorded Yellow Button. This will take you to the recording.
    (Please note, you can only watch the recorded session on or after the date stated).

    If the session you wish to watch has already occurred, you can still access the recording. If the session you wish to watch has already occurred, you can still access the recording.
  6. As above - Go to the LITFEST2444 Webpage.

  7. Click on the Presenters 2020 Tab.

  8. Scroll down the page until you see the presentation you wish to view.

  9. The Presenter will have a Photo and an explanation of what their event is about.Accesseing Livestream 2.jpg
    The following is an example.

  10. Click on the watch the Session Video Here Yellow Button.

  11. Another Internet Tab - The LitFest2444 Vimeo page will open.

  12. Accesseing_Livestream_3.JPG

    Press the triangle play button. and the recording will start.

For further information about the presenters of the FREE online workshops, click here.

Upcoming Sessions

This content will help supplement your online learning platforms and further enhance storytelling skills during this difficult time. All sessions will be available through Facebook's Watch Party so please encourage staff and students to follow our Facebook Profile to watch all the upcoming sessions.

More sessions will be announced over the coming days and weeks.


Karen Bale
#Litfest2444 Organiser

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The weekly free download of audiobook titles continues this week with

"Into White" and "Like no other".


Visit www.audiobooksync.com to access and download the titles, and then use your Sora app (see setup instructions below) to keep and listen. Too easy! 

Any questions or issues, please email pmreg-lib@lism.catholic.edu.au

What is SYNC?

SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens. SYNC will give away two complete audiobooks per week - pairs of high-interest titles, based on weekly themes. Sign up for email or text alerts and be first to know when new titles are available to download at www.audiobooksync.com.

The process to register, access and download titles are outlined below:

First register for SYNC 2020 on our homepage. Then set up Sora.

How do I set up Sora?

  1. Download Sora from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    Open Sora and tap I have a setup code (at the bottom of the screen).
  2. Enter this setup code: audiobooksync.
  3. Enter the email address you used to sign up for SYNC.
  4. Tap Explore (at the bottom of the screen) to see the week’s featured titles [SYNC 2020 starts April 30]
  5. I already use Sora for school. How do I add SYNC titles?

If you already use Sora, you’ll need to add the SYNC program’s library. Here are the steps:

In Sora, open the menu (in the top-right corner).

  1. Select Add a public library.
  2. Search for audiobooksync and select the library from the results.
  3. St Joseph's Regional College Library

St Joseph's Regional College Library
Karen Bale (Mon-Thu)
Tracie Hartley (Fri)

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Word of the week:


Meaning: relating to, living or occurring in the open sea.

One for the Marine Studies students!


Representative Sport
Updates regarding representative sport. At this stage, we know the following:

  • School Sport Australia has cancelled all national events for 2020
  • NSWCCC has cancelled all events for Term 2
  • Lismore Diocese has cancelled all events for Term 2
  • No announcement yet regarding Term 3 Diocesan & NSWCCC Sport. We will post on the Sport website as soon as something comes through. Please check the upcoming events page for the latest information.

In the meantime, we hope to have sporting competitions running here at SJRC before the end of term. Please keep an eye on the notices for what sports and entry form details.

Year 9 & 10 Elective Sport
Year 9 & 10 Tuesday Sport continues at SJRC for the remainder of Term 2.

Please click the link below for the revised program. Year 9 & 10 Term 2 Revised Sport Program

Elective Sport returns in Term 3. Please click the following link for a list of options - 2020 Term 3 Elective Sport Options

For all things SPORT - please visit our

SJRC Sport Website



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Ensembles Rehearsals Times

All school-based ensembles have now returned to rehearsals and will continue as per the normal scheduled practices.

JAZZ BAND Monday at 7.45am
SAXOPHONE ENSEMBLE Monday from 3.15pm - 4.00pm
JUNIOR CONCERT BAND Thursday at 8.00am
SAXOPHONE ENSEMBLE Thursday at 3.30pm
SENIOR CONCERT BAND Friday at 7.45am

The SAPSS Marching Band rehearsals will commence in Week 7 on Wednesday after school at MacKillop College.

Private Tuitions will commence in Week 7

Sharon Green
Leader of Co-Curricular Music

Music with note.jfif

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Upcoming FREE Webinars

June 9th at 7.00pm - Jocelyn Brewer, Untangling your Tween & Teens from Technology

June 22nd at 7.00pm - Maggie Dent, From Sandpit to Adulthood: Helping Children to Thrive

August 6th at 7.00pm - Michelle Mitchell, Resilience & Mental Health

Peta Rourke | Parent Assembly Cluster Coordinator
Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Lismore


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Weekly Lunch Specials are Back

Week 7 Lunch Specials 
Monday Public Holiday
Tuesday Cheese and Spinach Ravioli
Wednesday Fried Rice and Honey Soy Chicken Wings
Thursday Chicken Parmi Burgers
Friday Gourmet Hotdogs

The canteen opens at 8.00am every school day.

EFTPOST_available.pngThe Canteen's everyday menu can be found on our College website at the following link.

Volunteering in our Canteen

We cannot run the canteen without you; as the saying goes:
"Many Hands Make Light Work".

If you are able to spare an hour or so of your time, we would love for you to join us.
Please contact Donna Hamlin through the College Office on 5525 4100.

Ms Donna Hamlin
Food Services Manager

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