What is Pastoral Care

St Joseph’s Regional College is a family community built on a foundation of Catholic beliefs and practices, where students and teachers work together so that all can achieve their full potential. The pastoral care policy has to be in congruence with the following values:

  • The acceptance and promotion of Gospel values
  • Provision of a caring and supportive environment
  • Commitment to the total well-being of the individual
  • A College environment built on respect and dignity for all
  • A strong sense of community and friendship
  • The care and support given for one another
  • Charity and thoughtfulness
  • The gift of fun and humour in fostering good working relationships


Pastorally caring for all members of the College community is one of the unique features of St Joseph’s Regional College. In addition to this, each student is a member of a Pastoral Care group which meets at the beginning of each day with the pastoral Care teacher. This time allows students the opportunity to build family-like relationships with members of their Pastoral Care group, made up of students across the year groups, and with their Pastoral Care teacher.

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