Term 3 Week 3 - 7th August 2020

Year 10 Transition

This week, I would particularly like to acknowledge the work of Mr Tim McCosker, Mr Mark Robertson and Mrs Michelle Reynolds for their outstanding organisation of Year 10 transition interviews. The use of technology to facilitate communication with parents, off-site during the school day, was highly effective. Very much positive feedback from students, parents and staff was ascertained.

For our Year 10 students, I ponder how lucky they are to have first-class options available when choosing pathways into their senior years of education, either here at St Joseph's Regional College or at Newman Senior Technical College. We are truly blessed.

Additionally, it is also vital that Year 10 remain focussed and calm in their learning now that they have made a decision for 2021. There are still two terms where we need to continue in our formation together. Invariably, it is our desire to ensure that all students flourish and feel valued, cared for, and loved during this time of uncertainty.

Success for Heo Ignacio

A few weeks ago, I presented to you Heo's story. It is my pleasure to now be able to update you on his success. The following is written by Heo's Art teacher, Mrs Pares:


A huge congratulations to Heo Ignacio who has recently won runner up in the prestigious New England Regional Art Museum "Let's Hang It", Art Prize. Run through a University of New England initiative, works were sent in digitally this year due to COVID restrictions. Over 450 works were received from schools across Northern NSW. These were shortlisted to only 40 works and Heo's amazing Year 8 Mechanimal was successful. Of those, a small number were awarded places in several school categories and Heo's artwork was awarded runner up.

We are so proud of this gracious and talented young man...extremely well done Heo!!!

Following is the link to the winner announcements and the online exhibition of works.

Thank you to Port News for reporting on Heo's story. I invite you to read the article in the Port News

Tracy Pares
Teacher of Creative Arts

God Bless

Jim Dempsey


Year 11 2021 Interviews

I would like to offer a big thank you to Year 10 students and parents who participated in the recent interviews for Year 11 2021. Current circumstances forced us to alter the format of our interviews rather drastically, but these changes were well received by students and parents alike. Their adaptability and goodwill meant that the interviews achieved their purpose of assisting students in choosing well for next year. It was very encouraging to see the level of preparedness of students in terms of the research they had done to choose the subjects that best suit their needs over the next two years.

With the interviews now concluded, we start the task of finalising subjects for 2021 and then constructing timetable lines to accommodate the subjects. Over the next four weeks or so, I will be in contact with any student who may have to re-choose a subject as a result of this process.

Our Year 10 students who are continuing to Year 11 next year at SJRC should now take the opportunity to start developing good solid work and study habits so they can gain the best possible start to Year 11 next year.


Monday 24th August 2020

Students will be contacted by this date regarding reselection of subjects if necessary

Monday 31st August 2020 Alternative choices (if necessary) finalised
Monday 14th September 2020 Confirmation of enrolment letters sent to parents

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding enrolling in Year 11 for 2021.

Mr Tim McCosker
Assistant Principal - Curriculum & Administration

Ph) 5525 4100

Vinnies Out of Uniform Day

Well done to our Youth Ministry Officers, Chloe Nash and Amelia Stennett, on organising and running a very successful fundraiser day. It's wonderful to see how passionate and committed, Chloe and Amelia are to their faith and community. Below is a report prepared by Chloe and Amelia about the day.

This week we ran the Vinnies Out of Uniform Day, accompanied by the Vinnies Fashion Parade. Students were given the chance to dress up, be out of uniform, bring in a gold coin donation, and donate warm clothing and blankets to go towards the St Vincent De Paul Charity. Students were encouraged to dress in clothing they had purchased from Vinnies that fell into one of three categories: Sunday Best, Most Extravagant, or Classic Vinnies.

During lunch, we ran the Vinnies Fashion Parade in the hall, with a full crowd of spectators. It was great to see the number of participants in the parade, sporting their various outfits from Unicorn onesies to Mexican outfits. We were able to award both a runner up and a winner for each category. After a catwalk, our Year 11 and 12 judges, Ella Ippaviz, Gianluca Polacci Bynes, and Chloe Howarth, announced the winners.

Congratulations to the winners:

Vinnies fashion Parade 310720 (198)

Sunday Best

Winner: David Santos, dressed as Anakin Skywalker

Runner up: Grace McKinnon, in a ladies finest outfit

Vinnies fashion Parade 310720 (204)

Most Extravagant

Winner:  Brendan Clarke, with a beautiful dress

Runner up: Lachlan Shields, the Mexican

Vinnies fashion Parade 310720 (200)

Classic Vinnies

Winner:  Riley Johnston, in clothes he would normally wear from Vinnies

Runner up: Chloe Cooper and Matthew Walsh in their tradie gear. 

The day was an all-round success, with an amazing $1,360.50 being raised for the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal.

What's Next: Next Friday, 14th August we are holding a Hot Chocolate sale at recess for students and staff. This is another opportunity for the College community to give to this very worthy cause. 

Chloe Nash & Ameilia Stennett
Youth Ministry Officers

Birthday Box Winner


Congratulations to this month's Birthday Box winner Gabrielle Coles.

Happy Birthday, Gabrielle, we hope you enjoy your gift card.

Students are invited to visit the office on the day of their birthday to enter the draw. 

Mobile Phones


The College recognises that the possession of a mobile phone by students is common and necessary on occasions. Their use at school, however, can lead to problems such as harassment, distraction in class, social division and security issues.
The following is a reminder of the mobile phone rule at the College:

  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be used from arrival at College until 3.15pm, except by seniors who may use it during recess and lunch in senior areas only. Mobile phones may not be carried in students’ top pockets.
  • If your child breaks the rule and their phone is confiscated, they will receive an afternoon detention. They will need to pick their phone up at the end of the day from the FRONT OFFICE.
  • If you need to contact your child during the day, please call the office on 5525 4100 and we will go through our usual channel of communication to contact your child. Your child is able to make contact with you via their coordinator or the front office also.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Bus Passes


Students are required to present their bus passes when catching the bus, every day on every trip. If your child requires a bus pass, please collect a flyer from the College Office for information on how to apply online.

Further information on the School Student Transport Scheme can be found on the NSW Transport website -  https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/#/

Lost Property

The College has a large number of brand new jumpers and sports jackets in lost property. All WITHOUT NAMES.

Please ensure your child's name is written on all items of clothing, this also includes sports bags that contain sports clothes and practical equipment. Clearly labelled items are easily returned when lost.

Tanya Daley
Assistant Principal - Pastoral Care and Staff Support

Year 7 Art students have been very busy designing and constructing their 'Anamorphic Creatures' for their second project this year. This unit of work usually sees students using Raku clay to create 3D creatures using a variety of animals and insects, however, due to Covid-19 restrictions and blended learning this year our students have had to adapt both their designs and methods of construction. The focus changed with classes having to be resourceful and inventive by constructing and decorating their creatures with recycled materials and found treasures.

Students studied the sculptures of Natsumi Tomita, Robert Bradford and Angela Haseltine Pozzi as part of this topic.

Well done on some great creative 'Anamorphic Creatures'.

Renee May
Creative Arts Teacher


Year 12 Hospitality students undertook a MasterChef style of competition for their final practical lesson. Students had to create a Chocolate Fondant Lava Cake with Berry Coulis and Caramel Shards. The three elements of the recipe were challenging and timing was crucial in that each one could not be overcooked. All students demonstrated various aspects of their skills but unfortunately, there could only be one winner.

Congratulations to Lachlan Smith who won a $25.00 gift voucher from Port Central. Lachlan’s lava cake was truly amazing and the presentation of his dish was outstanding. Well done Lachlan!

Year 8 Elective Textiles

Year 8 elective textiles have been working on tie-dyeing their drawstring bags. They will start the applique work this week. We hope to show you the finished products very soon.

Mr Phil Pares
Leader of TAS

Year 7 Beginner Ensemble

Together, this wonderful group of musicians are the Year 7 Ensemble class, taught by Mrs Leanne Johnson.  Students in this class play an instrument that they rehearse once a week for 30 minutes during their class time.

The class program is run on a two-week rotation. The first week, students are divided into three groups to rehearse:

  1. Percussion/drums – rehearsed by Mark Spence, (Drumline director)
  2. All the wind players – rehearsed by Sharon Green (Leader of Co-Curricular Music)
  3. Bass guitars – rehearsed by Jazmin Lindsay – Favelle (Music Trainee)

The following week, students come together to rehearse as a group in the PAC.

Some of these students also attend the Year 7 & 8 Concert Band rehearsal on Thursday morning at 8.00am.

Students interested in joining any of the College ensembles or bands are invited to see either myself, Mrs Johnson, or Ms Kennaugh.

Sharon Green
Leader of Co-Curricular Music



As a school library, we like to think that part of what we do is connect people, ideas and information. The “Humans of New York” phenomenon was used as a basis for introducing the idea to students in the Library. Historically, the HONY project started out as photography only, but then morphed into people willingly sharing something of their story. The premise is that “everyone has a story”. The project fosters opportunities for active listening, courageous conversations and empathy. Individual storytelling is celebrated.

We hope to bring you a “Humans of SJRC” story once a week for a little while. We are proud of our ‘humans’ who acknowledge that they have a story to share that is meaningful to them.

Introducing this week's Human of SJRC

- Katie Van Der Houven


St Joseph's Regional College Library

Karen Bale (Mon-Thu)
Tracie Hartley (Fri)

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020


The Challenge is drawing to a close with 28th August being the final date for students to add their books to their log to be verified and signed off on. Some of our participating students have completed the Challenge, while others are yet to do this. We will follow up on students again around mid-August to make sure they are on track to complete.

Significant Literary dates


On August 12th, 1964, Ian Fleming, author of many novels depicting the adventures of British secret service agent James Bond, passed away. James Bond first appeared in Fleming’s 1953 novel “Casino Royale”, and was followed on by a total of 12 novels, and two collections of short stories.

RIP Ian Fleming.

Library Spaces

The Library has a few different spaces within its ‘shell’, used for many different purposes. This week, LibC, or the ‘computer’ area of the Library was used to run information sessions for Year 10 students currently selecting subjects for their Year 11 studies commencing in 2021. This space can act as a ‘theatre’ for information sessions such as this one depicted with Leader of Learning (English), Ms Anne Marchment, or can be reconfigured for classroom instructional use, or for student use of public access computers. Flexibility is key.

St Joseph's  Regional College Library
Karen Bale (Mon-Thu)
Tracie Hartley (Fri)


Meaning: A deep loud sound
Bells have a luxurious deep loud sound

What is ‘Literacy Enrichment’ at SJRC?

It’s opportunities in and out of SJRC that enrich students’ understanding of and experience with media, film, reading, writing, and language in general. It’s excursions, festivals, writing, debating and public speaking competitions, and live performance.

Check us out at - SJRC Literacy Enrichment


2020 St Joseph's Regional College v MacKillop College Debating and Public Speaking Competition: Thursday, 27th August. Week 6 of Term 3.


Debaters and their coaches continue to prepare for the SJRC v MacKillop Debating Competition to be held in a few weeks. Teams will be announced late next week.

The spirit and the maturity with which the students have been preparing has been a sign of great things to come as members of an SJRC debating team.

In the SJRC Literacy Enrichment Spotlight

Books That Have Changed Me

This term, we are sharing stories about the stories that have changed us. These might be books from our childhood, our youth or simply last week!

Thank you to the following staff who have contributed to the first part of our series. 

Anne Marchment

The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan

A gripping story about protagonist Dorrigo as he survives the horrors and devastations of war. It very cleverly interweaves the Japanese poetic form of haiku throughout and Flanagan’s prose is haunting in its horror and its beauty. The novel also deals with the intimate relationship between the past, present and future and the impact on individuals when they collide. This book stayed with me for a long time after my first reading and I was truly saddened when I finished it, knowing I had to put it down.

Keep reading, writing, reflecting, composing, creating, musing and connecting.

The SJRC Literacy Enrichment Team

Prayer through Music

Listening to music is a powerful way to relax and manage stress. A slower tempo song can soothe the stress of the day by quieting your mind and relaxing your muscles.

Check out some of the great music featured this week on the SJRC Digital Ministry Blog https://sjrcministry.wixsite.com/digitalministry

Featured Music

'Drawn to You' featuring Mariah & Evronia Allan

Wildfire @ Home Project

Digital Ministry


We invite you to click on the links below to see the great resources on the SJRC Digital Ministry Blog and Instagram Page put together by our Youth Ministry Officers, Chloe Nash and Amelia Stennett.

SJRC Digital Ministry Blog https://sjrcministry.wixsite.com/digitalministry

SJRC Digital Ministry Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/sjrcdigitalministry/

Timo Gobius
Leader of Evangelisation

Weekly Lunch Specials

Term 3 Week 4 Lunch Specials 
Monday Butter Chicken and Rice
Tuesday Spaghetti Bolognaise
Wednesday Beef and Gravy Rolls
Thursday Chicken Pasta Carbonara
Friday Tandoori Chicken Burger

The canteen opens at 8.00am every school day.

EFTPOST_available.pngThe Canteen's everyday menu can be found on our College website at the following link.

Volunteering in our Canteen

We cannot run the canteen without you; as the saying goes:
"Many Hands Make Light Work".

If you are able to spare an hour or so of your time, we would love for you to join us.
Please contact Donna Hamlin through the College Office on 5525 4100.

Ms Donna Hamlin
Food Services Manager

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